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Open Beta Announcement for Local Market Explorer 3

by Andrew Mattie on 12:33 am August 26, 2010

I’m really happy to say that the version 3 beta of the Local Market Explorer WordPress plugin is finally available for everyone to try out. For those who don’t know what Local Market Explorer is, it’s a way to embed local area info from Zillow,, Walk Score, Yelp, TeachStreet, and Nile Guide directly into your WordPress-powered site in order to benefit your visitors and give search engines more content. You can see a demo of Local Market Explorer v3 on Geek Estate and on BankVibe’s … Read More »

Local Market Explorer v2 Beta Now Available

by Andrew Mattie on 9:25 pm October 1, 2009

The final release of version 2 of the Local Market Explorer WordPress Plugin is still a week or so away, but for the adventurous, we’re making available a beta version to try out. I feel pretty confident that there aren’t major bugs though, so you should be perfectly safe with the upgrade (if you’re currently using version 1) or install. The BIG change in v2 is that the plugin now supports loading data on both neighborhood AND zip code level. To see an example, take … Read More »

Interview with Russ Bergeron, CEO SoCal MLS, on MLS Partnerships

by Andrew Mattie on 12:01 pm January 21, 2009

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t quite been able to grasp what’s happening in California with all of the data sharing proposals and MLS merger announcements that have been hitting the wire in the past year. I’ve now heard of Quattro, CARETS, and MLSAlliance, and now CALMLS, and I couldn’t figure out what made any one of them different than any of the others. Over on the Diverse Solutions blog, Mike Price posted an interview with Russ Bergeron, CEO of SoCal MLS, about … Read More »

Virtual Tours on Microsoft's Photosynth

by Andrew Mattie on 9:38 am September 5, 2008

I haven’t had much time lately to keep up with my real estate tech news readings, so maybe I missed this announcement on another site. Either way, Microsoft’s absolutely incredible Photosynth technology has been released to the public for a bit over two weeks now, and already I’m starting to see some pretty cool virtual tour- like “synths” start to pop up for different property listings across the country. Check ’em out. Here is one of the better synths I found of a listing’s interior. … Read More »

Silly MLS IDX Rules

by Andrew Mattie on 11:09 am May 29, 2008

I read some stuff the other day about how the talented crew over at Estately recently launched into the Portland, OR market, and one of the stupid MLS rules (my opinion) they had to face triggered some memories of frustrations I had faced when I loaded the Portland data into our own IDX system. I’ll quote directly from the RMLS (Oregon MLS) rules themselves. (Rule III.13) Address fields are included in the IDX data set for the sole purpose of facilitating mapping functionality. The addresses … Read More »

Now Available: Google Street View via API

by Andrew Mattie on 12:07 pm March 27, 2008

Over at the official Google Maps API blog, there’s an announcement that Google’s Street View functionality is now accessible programmatically via an API (that’s Application Programming Interface, for those who either didn’t know or just took that acronym for granted). What this means for agents, brokers, and vendors is that applications can now be created that tie directly into the pictures taken by those van-mounted cameras that drive around. Because I’m employed by an IDX vendor, most of the ideas I’m coming up with as … Read More »

Coming Soon: Location-Aware IDX Apps

by Andrew Mattie on 12:00 pm March 6, 2008

At the time of this writing, Apple is holding a press release to announce their API for the iPhone; you can check out the live feed here. They’ve announced a lot of really incredible stuff so far, but the part that I was most intrigued with is this: We have a complete set of APIs for your app to talk directly to the contacts DB on the iPhone, and an entire database API with SQLite. … Core Location – we’ve taken that and patched it … Read More »

Building a (Simple) Mashup in 24 Hours

by Andrew Mattie on 10:09 am January 21, 2008

When Zillow released their neighborhood data last Wednesday night, I was floored. My company had talked about trying to acquire similar data off and on over the past two years, but it was always too cost prohibitive to do so. As I thought about the magnitude of what they had done that night, I realized that it was practically required for me as a coding geek to see what I could do with the data. I knew next-to-nothing about GIS before I able to download … Read More »

Basic IDX Questions, Answered

by Andrew Mattie on 4:14 am December 17, 2007

The other day, Drew Meyers pointed me to a post in the Zillow forums where someone was asking some very interesting (and seemingly common) questions about IDX. The individual wanted to know what IDX essentially is and whether or not someone could create a program that could easily search across all real estate listings on a national level. While many real estate professionals, and especially those reading this blog, may know what IDX is, I’ve spoken with enough people to know that this knowledge is … Read More »

Geekin' It Up With Everyone Else

by Andrew Mattie on 5:59 pm December 14, 2007

Hey there GeekEstate Blog readers. My name is Andrew Mattie, and I’m a senior software engineer over at Diverse Solutions. I was recently approached by Drew and asked if I wanted to contribute my knowledge and expertise to the GeekEstate Blog, and after thinking about it for exactly .482 seconds, I realized that I’d be crazy not to accept! I’m honored to have been given the invitation, and through it, I’m truly looking forward to connecting with this side of the greater real estate community … Read More »

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