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More on the Future of Cities

by Drew Meyers on 2:08 pm April 10, 2018

As you know, Fifth Wall’s portfolio event was last week in Venice. There were three panels held at their office, each covering a category Fifth Wall has made big bets on (the majority of panelists were from portfolio companies): Future of Cities Real Estate-as-a-Service Fintech and The Built World Economy I covered the Fintech and Built World Economy panel last week, today I wanted to share a few thoughts from the Future of Cities panel. Smart cities and the future of cities are topics extremely fascinating to me, and … Read More »

Fifth Wall, Built World, and Playing Kingmaker

by Drew Meyers on 1:50 pm April 2, 2018

Technologists/vendors who read Geek Estate Blog, and likely every founder, already knows Fifth Wall. Agents and brokers, perhaps not. With 20 investments under their belt since coming on the scene a couple years ago, they are one of our industry’s largest capital players with a unique ability to create kings (read my post on category kinds from a couple years ago). Beyond being one of Opendoor’s early investors, they have invested in companies ranging from LimeBike (bike sharing) to Industrious (workplace-as-a-service) to Blend (mortgage tech) to Foxtrot (next generation corner store). The common … Read More » “2% commission”. The Discount Broker That Almost Broke the Industry

by Jeff Mindham on 2:14 pm February 14, 2018

At the dawn of digital real estate, there were countless startups with big plans. All were going to disrupt the residential real estate business. The word “disinter-mediate” (a.k.a. for getting rid of agents) was used so often, many thought it was a forgone conclusion. People pointed to travel agents – when’s the last time you used one? – the dodo birds of the travel industry, and predicted real estate agents were next on the endangered species list. Fast forward a few years and the information super … Read More »

5 Ways That Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology Could Change the Construction Industry Forever

by Stephen Del Percio on 4:00 pm January 29, 2018

[Note from editor: originally published on AEC Labs] With Kodak recently announcing that it’s launching its own cryptocurrency to help protect digital photographers who sell their work on the web, we thought it would be a good time to take a deeper dive into blockchain technologies here at AEC Labs and discuss where they could have meaningful application for the construction industry in 2018 and beyond. This is a rather long article (our longest so far here at AEC Labs!), so we’ll give you the punchline up front: … Read More »

A Virtual Reality Theatre in Minneapolis

by Drew Meyers on 12:00 pm December 17, 2017

Real estate offices used to be a necessity. Why? Buyers needed somewhere to look at MLS photo books with active listings. MLS books, of course, have been replaced by the internet, Zillow, and thousands of IDX sites in every market. No one needs to go to a real estate office to look at listings anymore. Where does that leave real estate offices? How do you make them relevant again? Create an EXPERIENCE. That’s what Engel & Völkers in Minneapolis did by building a virtual reality theatre. I had … Read More »

Why I’m Bullish on Redfin

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am October 23, 2017

I’ve written about Redfin before, most recently regarding their IPO and the IDX SEO issue. (disclosure: I own a small number of shares). I spent some time looking at their S-1, looking at their current product, and thinking through their future. They face a hard road strife with many competitors to fend off (with more to come) — but I’m bullish. Teams are certainly the future of real estate. Zillow knows that (see here), and Redfin knows that. Redfin happens to operate as the largest “team” in the country. In … Read More »

The Smart Home & Amazon Alexa (and Echo)

by Drew Meyers on 9:58 am September 30, 2017

When talking about Amazon and their strengths and weaknesses for coming out on top for the looming (massive) smart home opportunity — you have to include both Echo (hardware) and Alexa (software) in the equation. While they are intertwined now, that’s not going to remain the case. The Echo is, of course, Alexa’s first customer. However, The Echo is not Alexa’s only customer. An ever increasing range of devices will utilize Alexa’s voice assistant in the future (the tools for integrations are already live). The more devices utilizing … Read More »

The Vision for the Geek Estate Community

by Drew Meyers on 12:47 pm September 27, 2017

Regular readers know I’ve been working on a new “Geek Estate” community. What is it? A private community of creatives making real estate, financial independence, & home ownership more accessible using technology. What exactly are we doing? Vision: The community is dedicated to improving the real estate & home ownership process and experience using technology. Mission: Connect those creatives doing amazing work in our industry, facilitate business development & knowledge sharing, provide strategic product innovation feedback, and act as a support network of like minded real estate technologists and thought leaders. … Read More »

Geek Estate Membership is Coming

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am September 18, 2017

For those who have been reading a long, long time — you may remember there used to be a Geek Estate Pro portion of this website (see here and here). It was a members-only area of the site which included a forum, as well as premium content related to real estate blogging & marketing. I eventually shut it down as I got busy with Oh Hey World and Horizon. I’ve wanted to bring a premium version of Geek Estate back for a long time, and am … Read More »

Nominations Are Open for The Global PropTech Awards

by Drew Meyers on 9:45 am August 30, 2017

The Global PropTech Awards are coming up in New York in October. The first annual Global PropTech Awards
 recognize individuals, technologies and organizations that have gone above and beyond to positively impact next generation PropTech. Finalists will be announced October 1st and Award Winners will be presented at a ceremony during NYC Real Estate Tech Week 2017. Know a founder, innovator, association, technology/product, executive, or investor who deserves credit for their amazing work? Please nominate them using the links below… NYCRETW Top Founder Award NYCRETW Top Executive … Read More »

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