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Email Updates Moved to MailChimp — For Good This Time

by Drew Meyers on 2:49 pm October 18, 2017

We’re trying the switch from Feedburner to Mailchimp again for email updates (see our 2016 try). If you’d like to subscribe / unsubscribe — or change from daily to weekly updates — you may use the following link: As of today, I’ve shut off Feedburner’s email updates. Questions? Concerns? Shoot me an email at drew at geekestatelabs dot com

A Guide to Video Emails (See How BombBomb Works)

by Seth Williams on 8:00 am January 3, 2017

Have you ever received a video email before? For most people, video emails are NOT something we see in our inboxes very often, but when they’re used properly – they can be an incredibly powerful communication tool that persuades, informs and builds trust on a level that text emails are simply incapable of doing. I still remember the first time I ever got a video email. The year was 2011 and the medium was a free website known as Eyejot (a now defunct website). At the time, … Read More »

Connector for Better Email Outreach

by Drew Meyers on 5:05 pm February 18, 2016

I saw Connector on Product Hunt today, and thought it would be worth asking the audience here whether you feel it would be a useful tool for your email outreach efforts… Note it only works with Gmail and Google Apps email addresses.

Do REALTORS think it’s OK to SPAM Now?

by Mike McGee on 9:50 am January 21, 2016

Facebook has recently become replete with countless real estate groups of every stripe. There are tech support groups, online marketing groups, direct mail groups, WordPress groups, video groups and so on, all focusing on the real estate realm. This can be a great resource to brainstorm with others in the industry, hammer out best-practices, find cool tools, etc. But it can also become an annoyance when you just want to see what’s up with your college buddies but your newsfeed ends up inundated with real estate posts. … Read More »

5 Ultimate Real Estate Contact Management and Marketing Tips

by Matthew Collis on 8:03 am June 10, 2014

In this blog post I’m going to outline five excellent real estate contact management and marketing tips that will help you build stronger relationships with your sphere, benefit from a consistent stream of referrals and repeat business, and become a more successful agent both short and long term. 1.  Send targeted and personalized emails to stay in touch with your sphere and take a multi-channel communications approach The “Dear Valued Client” approach or addressing  your clients and prospects with a “Hello” comes across as impersonal … Read More »

4 Compelling Lead Generation Offers REALTORS® Can Provide

by Matthew Collis on 12:59 pm April 21, 2014

Lead generation offers for real estate agents

Good marketers know that lead generation offers can be powerful tools to rein in that next big lead and grow a business. A lead gen offer on a website usually consists of a box on the sidebar of a page asking for the prospect’s name and email address (at a minimum) in exchange for something of value. The benefit of this is that you can capture new, potentially very qualified leads, and then use your Realtor CRM to nurture them over time and convert them … Read More »

How Many People Succeed with Email Marketing?

by Drew Meyers on 10:06 am September 25, 2013

We don’t really discuss email marketing much here, even though it’s the generally considered to be the most effective form of online marketing in existence. When you open your inbox, there’s always the hope there will be something amazing awaiting you. That could be a client handed to you on a silver platter from a friend or colleague. It could be a note from a mentor with some great advice. It could be an update from your best friend halfway across the globe. It could … Read More »

Looking Outside of Real Estate – Email Marketing Done Right

by Drew Meyers on 10:40 am August 9, 2013

I get a lot of email marketing messages. And I instantly delete or SPAM most of them. The one email list I actually enjoy getting in my inbox? Jason Calacanis ( and are the projects he is working on). Why? They come from a real person, not a brand. He shares his real, honest opinions – even though he knows they will piss some people off. Emails are thoughtful, and relevant to building my technology business. They contain mistakes he’s made in past business … Read More »

3 Ways Email Campaign Reports Will Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

by Matthew Collis on 8:50 am June 25, 2013

The best real estate contact management software and email marketing solutions offer Email Campaign Reports. These reports give you insight into your email marketing efforts; they provide you with data on who and how many people opened a mass email you’ve sent out, who and how many people clicked on links within your email, and which emails bounced. This data will prove tremendously valuable in boosting the effectiveness of your email marketing. Just like that handy smartphone app, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Here are … Read More »

Email Marketing the Right Way

by Matthew Collis on 11:02 am November 12, 2012

Like you, on a given day I receive a lot of email. Some of that email is marketing related and from companies whose products and services I use. Now, while I read many of these emails, I delete a lot of them without really giving them the time of day. Coming from a marketing and technology background, I know what makes an effective marketing email. While there are many things that determine an email’s effectiveness in terms of opens, clicks, reads, etc., in this article … Read More »

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