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November Sponsor Showcase, Round 2

by Drew Meyers on 8:30 am November 21, 2017

Thank you to our November sponsors… How will you keep up with the changing MLS landscape and technology while also growing your business? With ListHub, the largest and most trusted partner for broker-authorized listings from nearly 600 MLSs in the United States! ListHub provides a reliable, accurate, and industry-friendly platform for publishers to receive regional or national real estate listing data from over 60,000 registered brokers. Learn More Geek Estate: A private community of creatives making real estate, financial independence, & home ownership more accessible using … Read More »

The Value of a Domain Name: What if Google Removed URLs from Chrome?

by Sam DeBord on 3:14 pm March 9, 2015

Google Chrome Domain Names No URL

Real estate media is all about traffic right now.  Broker sites, agent sites, and the national portal websites are battling for SEO, ad placement, and brand recognition. Those of us in the SEO-centric crowd focus a lot on domain names, and how much value they create for an online venture.  There’s clearly still value in an “exact match domain” (though it’s shrinking), in a shorter domain name (too long and it’s spammy), and a memorable domain name that aligns with your brand (you don’t need … Read More »

Step 6 – “Ready, Set, GoDaddy”: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence

by TheRECoach on 6:32 pm March 28, 2013

Last Week we Discussed … Step 5 – “Put The “Hubba Hubba in Hub & Spoke”: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence The “Hubba Hubba” of course was our Blog, or the “Hub” in our “Hub and Spoke” design presence. If you set it up on you got this crazy long Domain name like … … using our example. Holy Crap! How can I ever use this crazy name on my Business Cards? or my Just Listed Cards? #1 – DON’T use … Read More »

Step 1 – Branding: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence

by TheRECoach on 6:27 pm February 17, 2013

1980 called, they want their Real Estate Agent Brand Back! Remember when, in Real Estate, the Agents used to Brand Themselves? “#1 Real Estate Agent in Anytown USA!” or “Joe Blow, Your #1 Lister for Brand X” etc. Things have changed and the biggest mistake made these days is the failure to properly establish an Internet brand. In my experience these are 3 most important factors in establishing an effective brand: Geography – County, City, Town, but MOST IMPORTANTLY … Neighborhood (Think Hyper – Local) Industry – Real Estate, Realty, … Read More »

An MBA in real estate

by Greg Fischer on 7:45 am May 10, 2012

It was about a year ago today that I accepted admission into TCU’s MBA program in Fort Worth. It was a very tough decision for me at the time because I had also just decided to launch a real estate brokerage. I weighed the advantages/disadvantages carefully, and although I knew that developing a company was going to require my full attention – I decided to move forward with the MBA program for a number of reasons.   I’m fascinated by education. I’m a terrible student … Read More »

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