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Real Estate RainCamp™

by Brad Andersohn on 7:02 pm February 8, 2010

What the heck is a RainCamp™? Isn’t it really a TechCamp?  Is RainCamp™ anything like REBarCamp?  Maybe you heard this is an event for ActiveRain only?  What makes RainCamp™ different, and why would you want to attend?  Do I have to pay a fee to attend a RainCamp™?  What’s the true value and benefit of going to RainCamp? Hopefully, this will help explain and answer some of these questions: “Real Estate RainCamp™ is a full day Conference/Seminar that is packed with valuable content, presentations, and … Read More »

Kiss Your "RSS" Good-bye!

by TheRECoach on 5:46 pm January 5, 2010

Kiss Your “RSS” Goodbye! Ok, so I’m hosting “The World’s Best IRL Meetup” for VREBC (Virtual REBarCamp) yesterday in Costa Mesa w/ The talented Ms. Stacey Harmon (and a Cameo appearance by Everyone’s Tech Guy, Loren Nason) when during a break in the action a fantastic, intuitive, spontaneous discussion breaks out! (that’s why we do the IRL Meetups for VREBC, so people can talk to other people, instead of “Vegetating” in front of their laptop in Jammies!, but I digress)…so anyway, Stacey answers the very … Read More »

Real Estate Businesses are Going Mobile

by Brad Andersohn on 3:46 pm October 19, 2009

Real Estate Businesses are Going Mobile Business applications for the Smartphone, Blackberry and iPhone are becoming more of a necessity for today’s Real Estate Industry Professional and Brokerage. Consumers are able to download these applications right from their portable/mobile phones and devices for FREE.  The question is what should be included in your Real Estate Business App? Recently, I had a Business Card app designed by me and built by MobileAppLoader Inc.  At the time, there were only 3 or 4 Real Estate Related Apps … Read More »

Realtor on Realtor Action – Is the a waste of time?

by Geordie Romer on 4:00 am July 6, 2009

Have real estate agents missed the boat when it comes to using social media? At what point does it stop being work and just become a hobby? I do believe that social media marketing (SMM) has a place in the modern sales repertoire, but not at the cost of other more efficient programs. It seems to me that an agent would want to start with a decent base (likely a blog) and then build outposts that lead back to that base.  I think Seomoz’s Rand Fishkin … Read More »

Social Media in Real Estate – Part 3: ActiveRain

by James Shiner on 12:04 pm January 15, 2009

Are you a part of the largest real estate network? If you’re not, you should be. It’s FREE to join! What are you waiting for!? Join Now! If you are, then you’re already taking the right steps towards success. I am of course talking about ActiveRain. From the site: “Our goal is to ‘Empower the real estate professional‘ and as an extension empower the consumer.” So what does this mean for you, the real estate agent, you might ask? Well let me tell you. ActiveRain … Read More »

The REBarCamp – Reports Call for Rain

by Brad Andersohn on 2:07 pm October 13, 2008

That’s right.  It’s gonna “rain” this year, but not on the parade.  ActiveRain Corp. is a proud sponsor of the Real Estate BarCamp this year being held in Houston, Texas.  Rumor has it that Rich Jacobson aka (Sparky) and Brad Andersohn aka (Active Brad) will be guests and speakers at this spectacular event.  If you missed the REBarCamp in San Francisco this year, then you have no idea what you’ll be missing in Houston. The “Rain” guys will be teaching and speaking on various topics … Read More »

Who's Gonna be on Top this Time? Careful, It's Rated!

by Brad Andersohn on 1:39 pm September 2, 2008

TechVibes Global announced yesterday that the Seattle Startup Index “ratings” were in for September 2008.  It’s great to be on top in more ways than one might imagine.  Alexa is the WEB Information Company, a site that provides information regarding : Traffic, Movers and Shakers etc. CONGRATS TO THESE TOP 20 SITES: Alexa the Web Information Company Provides a search, browser toolbar, a directory from the ODP. Directory listings can be ordered by popularity, user rating or alphabetically, and there are … Cached … Read More »

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