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Digital Marketing for Realtors: The Ultimate Guide

by Jason Reed on 1:25 pm December 1, 2017

digital marketing for realtors

Don’t get me wrong: word-of-mouth referrals and print marketing campaigns are great. This old-fashioned methodology is what drove the lion’s share of my business for well over a decade. However, I’m always looking to grow as both a realtor and a businessman, and that’s why I decided to get started within the digital marketing space. Since choosing to approach digital marketing with an all-in strategy, I’ve seen incredible growth in the number of leads I generate month after month. Here’s how I did it and … Read More »

Adwerx Introduces Mobile Ad Platform For RE Pros

by Michael Price on 6:34 pm July 22, 2015

Durham N. Carolina’s Adwerx is a digital advertising platform for residential real estate that was created using a concept and code for a completely different vertical, musicians. Jed Carlson and his team of now 37 employees used their experience to build a system that allows 5 agents in a specific zip code to “retarget” consumers whose online behavior has identified them as potential homebuyer or seller. This type of targeting tracks consumers and delivers ads to someone who may have been searching for moving services … Read More »

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