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Camera+: Upgrade your iPhone Camera

by Bryan Bartels on 11:05 am July 25, 2012


If you want to increase the functionality of your iPhone 4/4S camera there are a lot of iPhone apps available on the Apple App Store. One of the available apps is Camera+, created by tap tap tap, which tap tap tap claims has been downloaded over 8 million times in two years and has rebuffed acquisition offers from Adobe, Google, Zynga, and Twitter. With all the hype I thought it might be worth trying out. This is what I found. Interface: Camera+ uses a non-threatening user interface … Read More »

Thank You Steve Jobs

by Drew Meyers on 10:27 pm October 5, 2011

If you haven’t heard the Steve Jobs’ news, you’ve been under a rock today. It’s a sad day for the technology industry, and the world to see a true pioneer, innovator, and leader leave this world at the age of 56. Steve Jobs continually strove for — and achieved — greatness in everything he pursued. And after he achieved greatness in one industry? He continued on and tackled the next big challenge in another. It could be argued the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and iPad are … Read More »

Steve Jobs Announces New iPhone & More

by Michael Price on 1:59 pm June 7, 2010

Steve Jobs took the stage again at the annual Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference. As expected, details about the 4.0 release of the iPhone operating system were made. It’s now called iOS, a trademark they had to license from Cisco, that better represents the fact that the OS now supports more than just the iPhone. Here are just a few of the details announced: iOS 100 new features Multi Tasking Release 6/21 will support 3G and 3GS but multitasking will be limited on 3G, most … Read More »

eKey on iPhone, finally!

by Geordy Rostad on 9:17 am May 10, 2010

Last May on my own real estate blog I made a plea to Apple and GE to team up and finally release eKey for the iPhone platform.  Finally I believe that day is getting close.  This morning I found this link in my email from a Google Alert that I have set up: eKEY for iPhone is coming soon! Real estate professionals finally rejoice!  It looks like you’ll be able to have it all in one place.  The utter lack of information available on that … Read More »

AppVee Reviews Zillow Android App

by Michael Price on 11:10 am April 26, 2010

AppVee recently posted a review of Zillow’s recently released Android application. In addition to the Android app, Zillow mobile has also produced an iPhone app and an app specifically for the IPad.

Mapquest 4 mobile brings voice guidance GPS to iPhone

by Tony Kawaguchi on 12:49 pm April 14, 2010

MapQuest recently released its own free voice navigation app for the iPhone and BlackBerry. From the website: “The MapQuest 4 Mobile downloadable application provides easy access to Directions, Maps, and Local Search. With MapQuest 4 Mobile you also have the ability to integrate your saved maps and directions on to the MapQuest 4 Mobile mobile application. To start saving your maps and directions generated at” Via Lifehacker: MapQuest 4 Mobile features voice guidance, off-route assistance (it can automatically re-route you), point-of-interest integration, and … Read More »

Links For Geeks

by Michael Price on 9:08 am April 9, 2010

Supra To Support iPhone Charlie Rose Show and Steve Jobs Demo Zillow iPad App iPhone 4.0 OS and new SDK announced Mashable Provides Sneak Peek of Twitter Redesign Real Estate WordCamp This Weekend Zeek Interactive & Jeff Turner Live Blog RE Barcamp Phoenix Today Jeff is testing a new WP Plug-In working with the iPhone under development at Zeek.

Real Estate Businesses are Going Mobile

by Brad Andersohn on 3:46 pm October 19, 2009

Real Estate Businesses are Going Mobile Business applications for the Smartphone, Blackberry and iPhone are becoming more of a necessity for today’s Real Estate Industry Professional and Brokerage. Consumers are able to download these applications right from their portable/mobile phones and devices for FREE.  The question is what should be included in your Real Estate Business App? Recently, I had a Business Card app designed by me and built by MobileAppLoader Inc.  At the time, there were only 3 or 4 Real Estate Related Apps … Read More »

Google Voice Recognition Search To Debut on iPhone Monday

by Michael Price on 2:32 pm November 16, 2008

Google’s geeks have been hard at work developing a slick voice recognition app for mobile devices that allows you to use voice commands to generate search results. According to TechCrunch the folks at Google were all fired up to have the app ready for download last Friday but for whatever reason, Apple failed to get it in the store. Speculation abounds as to why, but who really knows. Word is you should be able to snag it for your iPhone tomorrow. I’m pretty sure you’ll … Read More »

The First Google Phone To Hit Shelves Next Month

by Michael Price on 7:48 am August 26, 2008

I would have done a vlog post on this, but the view from my chair just isn’t interesting enough. 🙂 TechCrunch announced today that the first Android based phone will be powered by T-Mobile and is scheduled for release next month. One of the comments in Biggs’ post cracked me up “none of the buckets of suck that characterize Windows Mobile phones” The only images available are some engineering renderings but the phone looks like it’s the size of an iPhone has a couple of … Read More »

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