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Finding an Agent — LinkedIn Puts Their Toe in the Water

by Drew Meyers on 11:44 pm November 15, 2015

Anyone else seen LinkedIn’s new Pro Finder (found via Product Hunt)? Of course, one of the massive categories in terms of finding a trusted professional is… You guessed it. Real estate agents. It’s yet to be proved they can convince buyers and sellers to use this service. Clearly, if LinkedIn does (and that’s a big if), they will stand to gain substantially from connecting consumers with professionals. Will it work? PS: If you’re interested in this related concept, email me.

Use Linkedin and Facebook to Increase Conversions

by Ryan Hinricher on 6:09 pm January 31, 2010

As many social media experts, gurus, and ninjas try to “monetize” social media for their clients, others are focusing simply on the connection and interaction with clients.  Dare I say “engaging”?  Engagement used to be for when 2 people decided to get married, but today it has quickly become the reason you use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.  In fact, it might be the most overused word of 2009.  We all agree social media and engagement are here to stay though, at least … Read More »

Realtor on Realtor Action – Is the a waste of time?

by Geordie Romer on 4:00 am July 6, 2009

Have real estate agents missed the boat when it comes to using social media? At what point does it stop being work and just become a hobby? I do believe that social media marketing (SMM) has a place in the modern sales repertoire, but not at the cost of other more efficient programs. It seems to me that an agent would want to start with a decent base (likely a blog) and then build outposts that lead back to that base.  I think Seomoz’s Rand Fishkin … Read More »

LinkedIn gets Linked In

by Brad Andersohn on 4:51 pm November 4, 2008

In my opinion, even with millions of members, LinkedIn has always been a site to ‘meme’ yourself to death, and brag about others.  Recommend, and get recommended.  The site, again in my opinion, was not much more than, an on-line profile, a resume’ of sorts, and a way to have a presence on another semi-social platform.  Naturally though, anyone from any business should, or has a profile there.  Well watch out, LinkedIn has announced some new tools for the members.  I guess LinkedIn wants to be … Read More »

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