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Five Things Zillow Could Learn From

by Sam DeBord on 5:33 pm March 29, 2012

I wrote a previous piece on the five things that could learn from Zillow including the newer, fast-paced marketing techniques that they have been using to catch up to in terms of consumer traffic online. While “shiny and new” always generates attention, it’s worthwhile to also examine some of the superior traits of a company with a long track record.  Experience creates some wisdom in marketing and an attention to detail that can sometimes be missed in a pell-mell startup environment.  Ergo: Five … Read More »

Five Things Could Learn From Zillow (800 Lb Gorilla vs Elephant in the Room)

by Sam DeBord on 9:15 pm March 26, 2012 and zillow

Zillow and are at the top of the list for the most popular real estate destinations online.   While has been the leader for years, Zillow’s skyrocketing success has recently had it matching or beating’s traffic numbers, and its current trajectory certainly points to a growing lead in the future. Instead of lamenting the current outlook or ignoring the ever-growing elephant in the room, it would be wise for the folks at Move, Inc (the current operators of to take a step … Read More »

Updated Mobile Experience

by Drew Meyers on 1:34 am February 23, 2012 just announced an upgrade to their mobile app — with the primary new featured being ability to find listings with a price reduction, foreclosures, and recently sold properties. I’ll admit I’m not much of an apps guy myself, and certainly not in the market to buy a house — so am not the target market. For those of you who have tested the new app, would love to hear your thoughts as to what you think…

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