According to stats for Feb. 19th, Facebook bragged a staggering 792+ million users worldwide with the United States in the lead with 155+ million users.

Many businesses have thrived thanks to this giant social network, including Real Estate professionals. However, in order to win a game, you must not only learn the rules but stick to them as well!

This article is dedicated to Real Estate professionals who strive to take their Facebook pages to the next level. Let’s discuss 25 tweetable (140 characters or less) tips that will help you reap all the traffic, SEO, lead generation and customers’ acquisition rewards that intelligent Facebook marketing has to offer.

Part 1: Facebook Page Creation Tips

1. Make sure that your Facebook page name is compelling, memorable and combines keywords and brand name.

2. Your Facebook page welcome tab must be eye-catching to potential customers. Add testimonials, awards…etc.

3. Create an introductory video showcasing your skills and expertise. Upload it to YouTube and your welcome tab on your Facebook page.

4. Fill in ALL of your Facebook page “Info” tab fields, making sure to include the keywords people use to find you in search engines.

5. Take advantage of your Facebook image size (180 by 540 pixels) to visually present important info about your business.

6. Start your new page with bang! Hold a contest, offer scarce information, industry trends and so forth.

Part 2: Facebook Page Traffic Tips

7. Make sure to include a link to your website in the visible part of your “About” section to drive more traffic to your site.
( The “About” field permanently shows the first 80 characters and a “more” link. It’s a good idea to include your link anywhere within the first 80 characters for maximum visibility. The screenshot below is an example.)

8. Include your website URL in your Facebook page profile image to keep it memorable to visitors. (P.S. The image is NOT clickable).

9. Link back to your blog articles on a regular basis, making sure to diversify your Facebook posts with 3rd party content.

10. It’s perfectly ok to link to your popular blog articles over and over again. Just keep the posts separated and change the wording.

11. Do NOT settle for copying your articles’ titles into your Facebook posts. Add more compelling info to maximize clicks and blog traffic.

Part 3: Facebook Page Social Media Integration Tips

12. Use networkedblogs to add a “blog” link to your Facebook page, including your recent blog posts.

13. Take advantage of the “YouTube for Pages” app. Created by Involver to display your YouTube videos on your Facebook page.

14. Use third party applications to display your Twitter threads and Flickr pictures on your Facebook page.

15. Link to your Facebook page from your Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles and use the Facebook page widget in your blog.

16. Include Facebook sharing options in your blog posts and make them visible to your blog visitors.

Part 4: Facebook Page Lead Generation Tips

17. Offer useful and up-to-date information that your target customers are interested in.
(The screenshot below shows information displayed by Jay Thompson, a highly regarded Real Estate agent known as “Phoenix Real Estate Guy”)

18. To get the best of both worlds email marketing and Facebook marketing, offer a freebie in return for users’ info in your Facebook page.

19. It is recommended to mix business with pleasure on Facebook! Share fun activities and interesting local events in your community.

20. Conduct Q&A sessions with your Facebook page fans at preset dates to showcase your expertise and blog about them.

21. Become a trend-setter on your Facebook page. Be known as the first Realtor who shares breaking news in your community.

22. Offer helpful tips and insights in your Facebook page. For optimal results, share a “teaser” tip that links back to your blog.

23. To engage your fans with your Facebook posts, start your post with a question and EXPLICILTY encourage them to comment.

24. Respond to your Facebook page fans comments promptly and thoughtfully and use Facebook questions for market research.

25. Make your Facebook page “vibrant” and turn it into a social hub by offering regular contests (E.g. Trivia Qs about your neighborhood.)

I have barely scratched the surface here! Facebook is a very rich marketing medium that is loaded with great features.

What additional Facebook page tips would you suggest for Real Estate agents? Which tips have you tried with your Real Estate business and how was your experience?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.