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I'm the Director of Sales and Real Estate Marketing at I spend the majority of my time delving into what creates success for real estate professionals — driving leads, creating relationships, tracking progress and helping others grow their real estate businesses.

4 Key Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Real Estate Website

by Seth Price on 7:53 am March 13, 2012

WordPress Rules! So, you’ve decided to launch a blog or real estate website? Chances are you’re not doing it alone. That being the case, your next choice should be about which CMS (content management system) you’ll use to simplify all the activities you’d rather not have to be an expert on. Of the platforms out there WordPress has emerged as the clear leader. Here are four reasons why. 1. Popularity WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet. All in all, … Read More »

How to Get Started in Real Estate

by Seth Price on 3:41 am February 24, 2012

There are lot’s of things that I wish I knew before starting in real estate. What they don’t tell you about real estate is a presentation that came from hundreds of conversations that I have had with agents and brokers across the nation. Working in real estate is a multifaceted career. One part industry expert, one part marketer, one part sales person, one part negotiator, one part tech support and lots of hard work. The bad news is: there is no silver bullet. The good … Read More »

17 Ways to Protect your SEO During a Website Redesign

by Seth Price on 5:27 am February 17, 2012

Redesigning your website is no small endeavor. Most likely you’re redesigning it because it’s not as effective as it should be. When clients describe their existing websites to me, they are often embarrassed and don’t want me to look at their old site. It’s almost as if they’re happy no one visits it. While I hope this isn’t the case with your site, the fact is a lot of people are struggling to get their businesses noticed because of bad websites. Your real estate website … Read More »

12 Ways to Make Customers Love Your Website

by Seth Price on 6:15 am February 3, 2012

How to make your customers fall in love with your website In the court of online real estate, your customers are judge and jury, but the testimony that you hear will take place out of earshot. The rules are unwritten but they are set in stone. Give your customers a really good reason to trust you, like you and feel like you can serve their needs and they will toss aside their inhibitions, along with their reluctance to part with their business. That’s because they … Read More »

How to Choose a Real Estate Domain that Helps Drive Leads

by Seth Price on 5:26 am January 11, 2012

If you are searching for a good domain name for your real estate business, give it some thought before you take the plunge. With millions of websites in the world, you need every advantage you can get. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a domain name. 1. Your name is great but maybe not for real estate Though you should own the URL for your name, that shouldn’t be the primary way people find your site. With annual domain name registration … Read More »

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