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A Few Thoughts on the Parker Principles

by Drew Meyers on 8:30 am April 3, 2018

A manifesto, the “Parker Principles“, came from Inman’s Disconnect conference last week in Palm Springs. There’s been a fair amount of chatter already in Facebook groups (and likely on Twitter too, but I’ve dropped off in terms of Twitter engagement recently), Rob’s already penned a post on “open data”, and I wasn’t there — so not sure I have too much to add to the discussion. That said, a few comments about several of the 12 principles: Transform our industry from a sales profession to a … Read More »

Fifth Wall, Built World, and Playing Kingmaker

by Drew Meyers on 1:50 pm April 2, 2018

Technologists/vendors who read Geek Estate Blog, and likely every founder, already knows Fifth Wall. Agents and brokers, perhaps not. With 20 investments under their belt since coming on the scene a couple years ago, they are one of our industry’s largest capital players with a unique ability to create kings (read my post on category kinds from a couple years ago). Beyond being one of Opendoor’s early investors, they have invested in companies ranging from LimeBike (bike sharing) to Industrious (workplace-as-a-service) to Blend (mortgage tech) to Foxtrot (next generation corner store). The common … Read More »

Geek Estate Newsletter #18 – An Inside Peak at Knock

by Drew Meyers on 2:29 pm February 28, 2018

The purpose of Geek Estate’s mastermind community is two fold: Curate the most incredible and diverse membership of real estate innovators, creatives, doers, and creators in the world. Make our members wildly successful in their careers building real estate companies. The majority of longer strategy, analysis, and trend pieces I formerly wrote publicly on this blog, I now publish in a newsletter for mastermind members. In this week’s member newsletter (#18), I took a deep dive on Knock’s home trade-in platform (& the broader iBuyer/iSeller landscape) after a … Read More »

Kelle, AI, and Keller Williams as a Technology Company

by Drew Meyers on 10:48 am February 25, 2018

Keller Williams announced an (AI) virtual assistant called Kelle last week, saying (among other things) “Through AI’s ever-increasing computing abilities, agents are able to access data like never before and gain even more insights. This allows them to better serve their clients, something pivotal to ensuring the real estate profession prevails against industry disruptors.“ Here’s the Kelle promo video: I still have concerns none of these AI powered assistants being launched lead to a better consumer/buyer experience than they currently get by speaking to a real … Read More »

The “Tech-Enabled Real Estate Brokerage” Pitch

by Drew Meyers on 11:00 am February 5, 2018

It’s widely agreed upon that the rise of tech-enabled brokerages are one of the major major trends to watch in the real estate industry. Namely, Redfin, Compass, eXp Realty, and NextHome. From an agent perspective, I’m trying to better understand how these new models differentiate from each other. This weekend, I took a peak at their websites and found a couple videos targeted at agents. From Compass: From NextHome: eXp has a Google Presentation worth looking at here. Redfin’s career pitch is on their real estate jobs page. If … Read More »

Blockchain Big Picture: Q1 2018

by Drew Meyers on 10:33 pm January 4, 2018

My former boss, the one and only “David G from Zillow”, has always been an amazing writer. Ever since Mr Gibbons moved back to South Africa, he hasn’t been writing (at least publicly). However, he’s resurfaced recently while researching blockchain, bitcoin, and crypto. Fortunately for us, he’s turned his research into writing. If you’re looking to understand the state of blockchain headed into 2018 — I highly recommend reading his “blockchain big picture Q1 2018” article over on Medium (13 minute read).

2018 Real Estate Tech Trends and Predictions

by Drew Meyers on 4:17 pm December 28, 2017

In this week’s private newsletter for Geek Estate members, I wrote a few thoughts looking forward to real estate tech in 2018:  7 trends and 3 predictions. If you’re interested in reading, apply for a membership here.

A Look Back on Real Estate Innovation in 2017

by Drew Meyers on 7:06 pm December 20, 2017

At the end of last year, I wrote a few real estate innovation predictions for 2017. The topics I predicted would see the most innovation: AI CityBldr Premier Agent Concierge Trusted Curation + Real Estate Search CRMs Partial Home Ownership In this week’s private newsletter for Geek Estate members, I wrote a few thoughts looking back at those topics in 2017. There are only a few founding member slots with discounted pricing left. Fill out the form here if you’re interested in one of them (first come, first … Read More »

Bitcoin + Real Estate = Boom or Bust

by Ines Hegedus-Garcia on 10:00 am December 19, 2017

[Note from Editor: Originally published on Miamism] The subject of cryptocurrencies is HOT right now!! And when it comes to real estate, it’s going viral.  In Miami, it’s about which agents are versed in crypto and which sellers are willing to price their properties in Bitcoin – ultimately it’s about thinking “outside the box” in a changing market and wanting to be ahead of the curve. The cryptocurrency craze may seem sexy but it certainly is generational.  Ask 3 groups of people about digital currencies and you will … Read More »

Why I’m Bullish on Redfin

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am October 23, 2017

I’ve written about Redfin before, most recently regarding their IPO and the IDX SEO issue. (disclosure: I own a small number of shares). I spent some time looking at their S-1, looking at their current product, and thinking through their future. They face a hard road strife with many competitors to fend off (with more to come) — but I’m bullish. Teams are certainly the future of real estate. Zillow knows that (see here), and Redfin knows that. Redfin happens to operate as the largest “team” in the country. In … Read More »

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