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Twitter Search for Hyper-Local Social Media Marketing

by Brian Rothenberg on 10:07 am October 24, 2010

Twitter search is now one of the most widely used search engines on the web.  With more than 1 billion tweets indexed each month, and more than 150 million Twitter members, that’s a lot of timely content and people at your fingertips.  I know you may be thinking, “but real estate is local, none of those people are relevant to my business.”  While the vast majority of Twitter’s user base may not be relevant, there is a small sub-set of users that are highly relevant … Read More »

RSS Feeds & Real Estate Leads – Really…"Kiss Your 'RSS' Good-bye!"

by Justin Britt on 5:39 pm May 25, 2010

When Eric Bryant wrote the original Kiss Your “RSS” Good-bye, he was referring to RSS feeds being a thing of the past as social networking sites like Twitter provided a filter for really good articles, “Kinda like a ‘Human Aggregator’”. I thought this was a smart observation, but Eric’s post had to do with RSS feeds as they pertain to blogs and the reading of real estate articles. Today, I’m here to talk about RSS feeds as they relate to MLS data. RSS Feeds + … Read More »

How to AutoFollow Everyone and still pay attention

by Mike Mueller on 7:27 pm April 1, 2010

The following is just my personal opinion.  How you use Twitter is entirely up to you and as far as I’m concerned, you are right. With that said, assuming you are in sales, or in the “engagement” business I believe in the AutoFollow.  I set mine up in using so that anytime someone follows me I automatically follow them back. I know what your going to say… Are you crazy?  Won’t you get a ton of spam?  Aren’t you worried about those nutjobs?  Don’t … Read More »

5 Twitter Analytics Programs

by Justin Bartlett on 12:07 pm February 16, 2010

I just finished reading Matthew’s post on ClickTale, and I’ve gotta say I’m pretty impressed; I’m pretty sure we’re all huge fans of real time analytics and the ability to watch an actual user session is amazing! We also had a great post on human aggregators on Twitter. More and more Real Estate Professionals are becoming active on Twitter, so in the spirit of helping everyone here on Geek Estate become top human aggretators I figured I’d share a couple of my favorite Twitter Analytics … Read More »

Social Media's "Top 10" Human Aggregators!

by TheRECoach on 11:16 am February 5, 2010

You might remember just a few short weeks ago I wrote a post, here on GEB, coining the phrase “Human Aggregators”, entitled “Kiss Your RSS Good-Bye”. It was about how, using an application like Tweetdeck (Though Hootsuite and others would work as well), you could essentially reduce your time commitment on reading, recommending, and even commenting on Real Estate related blogs simply by placing your “trust” in the hands of the finest Blog Readers in Cyberspace! I built a simple column in my Tweetdeck called, of course “Human … Read More »

Real Estate Tweets, Aggregated

by Ryan Hinricher on 5:20 am December 31, 2009

A couple of months ago I was using Twitter search and discovered Deed Street.  Deed Street is an open micro-blogging platform which offers aggregation of real estate Tweets using the “^” tag on Twitter.  The site, which was launched in September, requires a user to either login using their Twitter account or to simply post on Twitter using a specific tag or dual “^^” tag.  Side note, although the correct name of the (^) tag is a Caret, I’ve read that the founder Doug Lazovick … Read More »

Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” & “Define” – Question #3 Discussion

by TheRECoach on 11:01 am December 22, 2009

REAL QUICK, in case you are coming late to the party (which I never recommend, because the beautiful people are allready taken!) here is where it all started…. “Web 3.0 – A Post Intended to “Define” & “Design”, – Original Post Nov 2nd Web 3.0 – Discussion #1 – “OMG, I Never Thought of That!”  #2 Nov 20th Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” & “Define” – Question #1 Discussion #3 Dec 3rd Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” … Read More »

Twitter DM Phishing Program Going Around

by Drew Meyers on 11:48 am November 5, 2009

If you get a DM that says “hey, FIND Out your IQ! here [link]” or “hi, look at this quiz [link]” — DON’T click the link. If you’ve experienced this but already clicked the link (doh!), change your password immediately. Additionally, tell the person that the DM came from so they are aware that their Twitter account has been compromised and to change their password. Scammers/Spammers suck.

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