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Google’s “parking difficulty” and “find parking” + a Real Estate Idea

by Drew Meyers on 11:00 am August 30, 2017

You may have seen the news from Google Maps that they added “parking difficulty” coverage to 25 more cities (doubling coverage from 25 cities to 50). That of course got me thinking about the real estate use case for the difficulty of parking near a specific address. A “Parking Score” to help a renter/buyer assess how much of a pain in the rear parking will be near their new home. Even if they have a reserved spot in the building for themselves, most people entertain guests from … Read More »

AI Data Startup Lands $2m Seed Funding

by Michael Price on 6:26 pm February 8, 2017

Today’s Geek word is “Ethnographic”. Basically, it’s the presentation of data as it applies to society or groups. Lynden Foust, Spatial’s CEO and a team of about 10 engineers are building a social layering platform that uses AI to cull about 30 different social media sources for location based data.  A simple line of code added to a map is all that’s needed to beef up search results with a myriad of neighborhood social content. Making Data Sexy Spatial’s concept provides RE pros with a … Read More »

OpenStreetView – A New Alternative to StreetView

by Drew Meyers on 1:28 pm August 22, 2016

OpenStreetView recently launched (SearchEngineLand coverage). Real estate is a big vertical for Google Maps and StreetView. For the mapping geeks out there, you should take a look. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a presentation with more of the thinking/vision: For those interested in the mapping space, another player you should be aware of is Mapbox (who I spoke with at Inman a few weeks ago, and added to the post about local data sources).

Google Maps Focusing on Real Estate Vertical

by Drew Meyers on 10:46 am March 3, 2016

What corporations spend money to promote/advertise is a fairly telling sign of where they are investing their money/manpower. I came across the following promoted Tweet the other day from Google Maps. “Build in neighborhood trents, market values…” makes me think they have Zillow-like home value data. I can’t imagine that’s true though, unless they did a strategic deal with someone like Onboard Informatics. Anyway, just a tidbit some of you may want to dig into…

UK Property Sites Utilize New “Travel Time” Search Feature

by Charlie Davies on 8:28 am June 4, 2015

Editor’s Note: By way of his inaugural post, I’d like to introduce our newest contributor Charlie Davis.  Charlie is a co-founder of, a company that delivers software to the property industry and beyond in the U.K. One of their products, TravelTime, allows properties to be searched by travel time rather than miles radius. Mike Many UK real estate listing sites have reported huge leaps in conversions after changing how their visitors can perform property searches. Since listing properties by travel time rather than miles … Read More »

What’s the best mapping IDX?

by Mike McGee on 8:05 am April 8, 2014

In a subsequent post I plan to do a video review of several of the mapping IDX products out there. You might say that IDX comparisons have been done to death, but I want to specifically focus on the usability aspect of map search products. While most IDX providers include some sort of map interface, I find that many don’t produce they type of intuitive user experience that today’s home buyer seeks. So far I have on my list to review (in no particular order): … Read More »

How Do You Keep Real Estate Local?

by Carolyn Chebaro on 7:15 pm March 24, 2011

Selling real estate is a local game. Buyers in particular want to get a feel for a place. They want to touch, to get a feel for the environment and they want to see themselves not only in a home but in an area. We know virtual tours and photographs accomplishes two of these tasks. But how  can a local environment be transported on the Internet? After all, we are referring to the WORLD wide web. How is it possible for buyers to view the surrounding neighborhood? How … Read More »

Microsoft's new Street Slide blows away Google Maps Street View

by Tony Kawaguchi on 9:45 am August 19, 2010

Absolutely amazing new map technology will soon be released from Microsoft. You must watch this video to understand how Street Slide could make you stop using Google Maps. Think about it – you could make a street level tour of a neighborhood for a potential buyer and incorporate it into your listing for people who aren’t familiar with the area. In the world of maps, this may be a game changer. Watch the video and consider the possibilities for selling real estate! Microsoft Street Slide

Mapquest 4 mobile brings voice guidance GPS to iPhone

by Tony Kawaguchi on 12:49 pm April 14, 2010

MapQuest recently released its own free voice navigation app for the iPhone and BlackBerry. From the website: “The MapQuest 4 Mobile downloadable application provides easy access to Directions, Maps, and Local Search. With MapQuest 4 Mobile you also have the ability to integrate your saved maps and directions on to the MapQuest 4 Mobile mobile application. To start saving your maps and directions generated at” Via Lifehacker: MapQuest 4 Mobile features voice guidance, off-route assistance (it can automatically re-route you), point-of-interest integration, and … Read More »

Google Map Buddy – Big City Maps

by Tony Kawaguchi on 6:42 pm February 8, 2010

I saw this on Lifehacker last week, a great Google Map tool for real estate. Google Map buddy allows you to easily print out wall-sized satellite views of  a neighborhood for your listing, or make a full-page street map of the neighborhood for a buyer.  I can think of a few real estate applications for this tool. Maybe use it to keep track of your company’s listings? From the maker’s website: * Capture Google Maps images offline and store them on your hard drive * … Read More »

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