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Opendoor Looking to Reach iBuyers on ESPN

by Drew Meyers on 2:58 pm October 31, 2017

I came across the following advertisement on ESPN while checking to see when Game 7 (if necessary) of the World Series was… As you know, there’s no more free lunch…how are those without hundreds of millions in funding getting distribution leading into 2018? News flash: If you’ve NOT been watching the Houston-LA World Series, you are missing one of the best October classics in history. Game time 5:20 tonight, on FOX.

The Addition of Nextdoor to the Zillow Group Network?

by Drew Meyers on 11:30 am July 18, 2017

You may have seen the news that Nextdoor is releasing a new feature allowing agents to advertise themselves and their properties on the Nextdoor website (Inman coverage). I think they’ll learn what we learned at Zillow early on: self serve for agents doesn’t really work. (maybe, 10 years later, that’s changed) What if Zillow Premiere Agent also included automatically featuring one’s listings on Nextdoor? One could argue Nextdoor would generate more revenue from agents IF they partnered with a company with an existing national sales team — … Read More »

PlanWiseConnect – Agent/Broker Distributed Browser Extension

by Drew Meyers on 11:01 am March 11, 2015

PlanwiseConnect is a browser extension that hovers at the bottom while your clients browse any of the major portals, allowing them an easy way to ask you questions without leaving their screen. Yeah, I don’t think the big portals are going to like this very much since it’ll make it less likely that buyers will contact an agent on the site (yes, I realize buyers will have to be given this extension ahead of time by an agent/broker). You can bet savvy agents and brokers … Read More »

Zillow Ad: “Lake House”

by Drew Meyers on 8:44 am February 21, 2015

I love this ad. It’s genius. FYI I grew up on a lake (Lake Sammamish).


by Bryn Kaufman on 10:02 pm February 3, 2015

Here is an example of why newspapers are having a hard time vs. Google. My local paper charges $50 CPM, which is $50 per thousand impressions, for a banner ad near the top of their homepage. Keep in mind this banner is not targeted to Real Estate buyers and sellers, it is just shown to anyone who wants to read the paper. Google on the other hand charges me an average of .21 CPC, or Cost Per Click, and they show my display ad on … Read More »

Optimize Your Google Places Account In Under 30 Minutes

by Colin Bogar on 11:13 am August 30, 2013

It’s time for a Google Places refresh.  For those of you not familiar, please go here immediately and set up your account. The majority of you should be familiar and probably assume that your marketing person or agency has taken care of this. With the tips below I guarantee that within a week your company moves up at least one page on a simple Google Maps search. On the list of things that one should do for their local real estate business, this certainly ranks … Read More »

5 Ways to use Retargeting for Real Estate

by Zack Hanebrink on 8:49 am December 3, 2012

Retargeting has been a buzzword for the past year or so, and for good reason. Retargeting is an effective tool to increase website conversions. Depending on your setup, it can often be an inexpensive marketing channel. So how would you use retargeting for real estate? 1. Listings This idea has multiple benefits. First, you can use retargeting to promote your listings. This is an opportunity to really impress your clients! Showing them the impressions alone is enough to get them excited. Your data will likely … Read More »

"Retargeting" – Are Any Brokers (or Agents) Using this as a Marketing Strategy

by Drew Meyers on 11:26 pm June 1, 2011

There’s a great post over at SEOMoz on the topic of “retargeting”. What is it? It is the form of marketing in which you target users who have previously visited your website with banner ads on display networks across the web I encourage you to go over and read the post in full. I’m guessing there aren’t many agents using this marketing strategy, but are there any brokers reading this that have tried it? If so, would love your feedback as to whether you’ve had … Read More »

Remarketing, are you doing it and if you're not, should you be?

by Matthew Swanson on 12:24 pm July 22, 2010

That’s the question I want to put out there for everyone. In the world of PPC, there are many players. For today’s discussion, I’m going to focus on Google since they own 80%+ of the market. What’s remarketing you ask – great, glad you did. According to Wikipedia, Retargeting (or Remarketing as Google calls it inside Adwords) is… is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is delivered to consumers based on previous Internet actions that did not in the past result … Read More »

Buying Ads on Zillow

by Geordie Romer on 1:54 pm May 28, 2009

When I was attending Real Estate Bar Camp in Seattle I had the good fortune to meet a number of the crew at Zillow including Rich Barton, Spencer Rascoff, Drew Meyers and David Gibbons. Spencer was especially friendly and inviting and remained so even after he found out that I was Geordie Romer not Geordy Rostad of Windermere. From those introductions, and subsequent emails and phone calls to David about all the glitches and issues I had with Zillow, I ended up being invited to … Read More »

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