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Mobilegeddon. Are You Ready?

by Drew Meyers on 11:23 am April 21, 2015

Those that read tech and marketing blogs may already know: Google is releasing a major update to their algorithms that will heavily favor sites that are optimized for mobile. Search Engine Land has some responses to FAQ’s. The algorithm change only affects searches done on mobile devices, but as everyone knows, that’s a major chunk of searches — and it’s growing, not shrinking. The prospect of missing all that organic SEO traffic because your site doesn’t work on mobile is one more (really good) reason to migrate into … Read More »

Houseline…a new Swiping Entrant

by Drew Meyers on 9:39 am December 2, 2014

There is a new iOS real estate app you’ll probably hear about soon. Houseline (iOS download) It’s Jon Washburn’s (one of ActiveRain co-founders) new startup. Take a look. And yes, I think this is a good idea as witnessed by this.

NAR Survey Says What about Mobile?

by Bryn Kaufman on 6:07 am November 5, 2014

NAR came out with their 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers yesterday. Mobile usage was an eye opener at 50%, but wait, upon closer inspection, they classify it as a Mobile or tablet website or application. I don’t have permission to post a chart from their survey, so here is the link to it on Inman News. I don’t know about you, but when I use my tablet, I browse the full size website, not the one optimized for a phone. At first glance … Read More »

Rewriting an internal hybrid mobile app as a native app

by Dan Moore on 6:46 pm July 2, 2014

The brokerage for which I work (8z Real Estate), recently released version 2.0 of an internal mobile application.  This mobile app, for the Android and iOS platforms, helps agents create listing based micro content quickly by ‘checking in’ at listings.  The micro content includes an image, a location, structured rating data and an free form short comment. The checkin app idea has been through a few incarnations: A quick and dirty PhoneGap (aka Apache Cordova) application created at an internal hackathon.  This posted to a Google spreadsheet … Read More »

Responsive real estate website design – a DIY project, Part 2

by Mike McGee on 6:09 am February 3, 2014

OK, it’s taken a lot longer than I expected, but it’s finally time for the “big reveal” of the new, mobile-responsive makeover of my company’s website, But first, some background on the project. If you have a fairly simple site, consisting primarily of text with some photos, this can be fairly simple. A well-designed, responsive theme takes care of the rest, making your content look good on all devices, right out of the box. However, if you have more complex content, your workload can … Read More »

The Real Estate App Landscape – with Hackpad / Google Spreadsheet

by Drew Meyers on 5:06 pm November 9, 2013

Everyone reading this blog are Geeks. You’re more tech savvy than the average agent, by a mile. I tried to pry your home screen apps out of you several months ago, but this is an attempt to go a little bit more in depth with the real estate app landscape — where it is now, and where it’s going next. I got to thinking about the app landscape while listening to Rob’s latest podcast, which talked a bit about @gent App by @properties. I got … Read More »

Crowd Sourced Approach to Real Estate App Development?

by Drew Meyers on 1:14 pm November 2, 2013

By now, we all know the future is mobile (related reading). There are some killer real estate apps that exist. Those with the largest adoption are built by Zillow,, Redfin, and Trulia. Yet, I have to imagine, there are other real estate apps that should/could exist that would end up on your home screen. The problem is matching development talent, time, and investment with end users. Assembly has an interesting model crowd sourced model for app development. Every month the Assembly community picks an … Read More »

Product Review – Onjax Real Estate Platform

by Mike McGee on 6:28 am July 9, 2013

Like most agents or brokers who run their own websites, I’m always looking around to see what’s the latest and greatest in terms of website design, IDX, and related real estate tech tools. A couple of months ago I stumbled onto a broker’s website that had a very impressive IDX solution that I hadn’t seen before. The first thing that grabbed me was the wide-screen map search. I’m a big believer in utilizing all available screen real estate (no pun intended), and this IDX search … Read More »

Can Your Smart Phone Find your Chicago Dream Home?

by Mark Miles on 7:27 am October 5, 2012

At this point, we’ve lost count of how many real estate apps exist for both the iPhone and Android platforms. They come with a wide variety of functionalities because, as we all know, different users have unique preferences when it comes to looks and usability. So here’s one real estate app that you may have missed. It has every feature you could hope to have handy during a house hunt and, best of all, it’s intuitively easy to use. The Real Estate Book has been … Read More »

RealtorDotCom and the Free Agent-Branded Mobile App: Flexing Strategic Muscle, Building Interdependence (

by Sam DeBord on 7:16 am August 24, 2012 free agent-branded app

In case you haven’t read it yet, is planning to release a new version of its mobile app that is branded for the individual agent–and it’s going to be free.  You can read Inman’s review of the upcoming product but, to put it simply, an individual agent can have their clients download one of the best mobile apps available for iPad, iPhone, or Android, and all of the app’s contact features, including the ability to schedule appointments and chat about a property in real-time, … Read More »

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