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The Holy Grail of Link Building

by Drew Meyers on 6:30 am March 5, 2012

The holy grail of link building? Well, short of a link from Yahoo or CNN, I’d consider a link from Apple pretty darn good — and the Good Life Team pulled it off for their use of iPads in their business. I know Page Ranks aren’t everything, but the page with the link is a PR6. How’d they get it? They built a brand.

Thank You Steve Jobs

by Drew Meyers on 10:27 pm October 5, 2011

If you haven’t heard the Steve Jobs’ news, you’ve been under a rock today. It’s a sad day for the technology industry, and the world to see a true pioneer, innovator, and leader leave this world at the age of 56. Steve Jobs continually strove for — and achieved — greatness in everything he pursued. And after he achieved greatness in one industry? He continued on and tackled the next big challenge in another. It could be argued the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and iPad are … Read More »

iPad App Review: SignMyPad

by Michael LaPeter on 11:27 am July 27, 2010

SignMyPad is a new iPad app that lets you sign and fill out pdfs right from your iPad. If you’re like me, you chafe every time you need to print out a form, fill it out and sign it, scan it, then discard the original printed version. While there are much larger and more established companies such as Docusign, SignMyPad takes a different approach. Instead of a computer generated signature, with SignMyPad you literally sign with your finger. In terms of acceptance of this kind of digital … Read More »

Steve Jobs Announces New iPhone & More

by Michael Price on 1:59 pm June 7, 2010

Steve Jobs took the stage again at the annual Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference. As expected, details about the 4.0 release of the iPhone operating system were made. It’s now called iOS, a trademark they had to license from Cisco, that better represents the fact that the OS now supports more than just the iPhone. Here are just a few of the details announced: iOS 100 new features Multi Tasking Release 6/21 will support 3G and 3GS but multitasking will be limited on 3G, most … Read More »

How Are You Using the iPad for Real Estate?

by James Shiner on 2:17 pm May 3, 2010

The iPad 3G came out last week and a few people I know were waiting to buy until the 3G version came out. I assume this was the case for many buyers. Of course the 3G model has a $14.99 per month service fee for 250MB of data transfer or $29.99 for unlimited transfer. Whats nice though is there is no service contract: “Best of all, there’s no contract. So if you have a business trip or vacation approaching, just sign up for the month … Read More »

Check out Apple's Pad

by Michael Price on 6:23 pm January 27, 2010

Say hello to iPad. Today was the long awaited day that the Apple “tablet” device was unveiled. It’s being touted as magical and revolutionary. The jury is out on those statements but I have to say that with exception of one big glaring omission, I like it. It has the potential to be a bit of game changer due to the new iBook online bookstore and the fact that an SDK for applications will open up some cool mobile applications. I plan on one day … Read More »

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