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Building Database Relationships With Real Estate Technology

by Ryan Gullett on 12:52 pm March 28, 2017

For many real estate agents, using technology for relationship building is often overlooked or not prioritized correctly. Technology is best used to maximize your most profitable revenue stream first and foremost. Consequently, this will lead to trying other sources when appropriate for your marketing budget. What are these streams? Data from the National Association of Realtors, gives this data: Typically, you see over 60% of your lead sources are from contacts / referrals on the personal and business side. I was reading the articles posted on … Read More »

A 2nd Viewpoint on Real Estate Innovation in 2017

by Drew Meyers on 12:55 pm December 22, 2016

What am I thinking about as we go into 2017? What innovation are we going to see in the new year? I figured I’d write my own predications to follow Walter’s. Here we go… AI — I agree with Walter that AI is going to continue to be a point of innovation in 2017 (and beyond). I believe there is an opportunity to use AI to “predict” homes buyers would be interested in — without them even asking. That said, I hesitate to include AI … Read More »

Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur: Matt Murphy from Chime

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am December 14, 2016

In our latest real estate tech interview, I’m talking to Matt Murphy from Chime, a CRM product that’s part of Appsurdity family, and based in Palo Alto. I found the product as part of my CRM evaluation process for 360modern. What do you do? I’m the CMO and oversee all things focused on acquiring customers and keeping them happy at Chime. Our product helps find high quality leads for real estate agents and mortgage companies and then we give them the tools to convert those leads into … Read More »

An Amazing Product Accomplishment — Keeping it Simple

by Drew Meyers on 3:27 pm November 10, 2016

I’ve been evaluating Pipedrive, on Bryn’s recommendation. I logged in the other day for the first time, and was greeted at a uber clean interface. One simple pipeline. It’s clear the product is meant to do one thing — pipeline analysis — really, really well. Given the simplicity of the product, I figured the product was a year or two old (maybe less). I proceeded to look at Linkedin to see how long the company/product had been around. Turns out the company was founded in 2010 — … Read More »

Why I use Pipedrive as my CRM

by Bryn Kaufman on 1:22 pm November 4, 2016

This post is not going to be an intensive Pipedrive review, and I am not going to mention any other CRMs that I tried that I had problems with. What I will go over is why I really like Pipedrive and have no plans to change to another CRM. There are a few key features I need from a CRM. One is that all email sent to our clients is tracked through the CRM. One of my virtual assistants spends a lot of time following … Read More »

Revisiting Real Estate CRMs in 2016

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am November 2, 2016

Use a real estate CRM to uncover key business insight

Every year (starting in 2011), I think someone is going to solve the real estate CRM problem. It’s certainly not an easy opportunity to execute on, for many reasons I’ve previously outlined. Years later, there’s still no clear dominant vendor. I’ve been consulting for, and am currently evaluating CRMs for the business as we go into 2017. I’ve asked a few of my trusted friends in the industry and have ended up with the following vendor list to evaluate: … Read More »

Disorganized? You Don’t Need to Be

by Matthew Collis on 8:52 am July 15, 2014

You’re working with a REALTOR®  who’s late for appointments, forgetful, never  has the information you’re asking for (always  has to “get back to you,” which sometime never even happens), is disorganized, and lets certain things fall through the cracks in the listing and closing process. Or you’re a buyer and your agent keeps showing you properties that aren’t in line with what you told them you’re looking for. The unfortunate truth is a lot of people can relate to the statements above. Let’s face it, … Read More »

5 Ultimate Real Estate Contact Management and Marketing Tips

by Matthew Collis on 8:03 am June 10, 2014

In this blog post I’m going to outline five excellent real estate contact management and marketing tips that will help you build stronger relationships with your sphere, benefit from a consistent stream of referrals and repeat business, and become a more successful agent both short and long term. 1.  Send targeted and personalized emails to stay in touch with your sphere and take a multi-channel communications approach The “Dear Valued Client” approach or addressing  your clients and prospects with a “Hello” comes across as impersonal … Read More »

The Little More on the Real Estate CRM Opportunity…

by Drew Meyers on 4:22 pm May 23, 2014

Real estate CRM’s are a tricky business. I’ve spoken to numerous entrepreneurs over the past year who aim to solve the CRM problem that’s existed forever. My gut? None of them will, and here’s why… First of all, it has absolutely nothing to do with their competency. I struggle to figure out how anyone, short of someone with massive distribution like Zillow or Trulia, is going to win the CRM race. Trust Customer relationship management is the core of most businesses. If that data is lost … Read More »

4 Compelling Lead Generation Offers REALTORS® Can Provide

by Matthew Collis on 12:59 pm April 21, 2014

Lead generation offers for real estate agents

Good marketers know that lead generation offers can be powerful tools to rein in that next big lead and grow a business. A lead gen offer on a website usually consists of a box on the sidebar of a page asking for the prospect’s name and email address (at a minimum) in exchange for something of value. The benefit of this is that you can capture new, potentially very qualified leads, and then use your Realtor CRM to nurture them over time and convert them … Read More »

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