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Step 4 – “Be a Star on YouTube”: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence

by TheRECoach on 4:49 pm March 9, 2013

Series Intro: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence Step 1 – Branding: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence Step 2 – Branded Contact Info: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence Step 3 – “Aces in Their Google Places”: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence “Places Everyone, Places” “Lights, Camera, and…. ACTION!” Ah the “Golden Years” of Film =) Where Real Estate Agents with lot’s of Cash, and their own Production Crew, could dominate the local Airwaves! Then Came … Read More »

What Can YouTube Do for a Real Estate Agent?

by Drew Meyers on 7:00 pm October 24, 2011

Here’s a question from Tom Lipinski in Lake St Clair: What is the significance (or non-significance) of having a YouTube page/channel? What can YouTube do for me? One response from Chase Thompson on Twitter: @drewmeyers it has driven 100% of my business that hasn’t been referral or past client. Granted social/blogging/teaching has played a role. it all stems from my videos. Here’s a video response from Greg Dallaire in Green Bay. What’s your answer? [disclosure Tom Lipinski and Greg Dallaire are both clients of Virtual Results]

How Do You Keep Real Estate Local?

by Carolyn Chebaro on 7:15 pm March 24, 2011

Selling real estate is a local game. Buyers in particular want to get a feel for a place. They want to touch, to get a feel for the environment and they want to see themselves not only in a home but in an area. We know virtual tours and photographs accomplishes two of these tasks. But how  can a local environment be transported on the Internet? After all, we are referring to the WORLD wide web. How is it possible for buyers to view the surrounding neighborhood? How … Read More »

How Can We Drive More Traffic?

by Jeff Manson on 3:23 pm May 16, 2010

I am always looking for new effective ways to drive more traffic to my site and help others do the same, so I wanted to explore the most effective ways to do that without organic search engine rankings. Not everyone can get in the top 10 on Google. Luckily that is not the only way to get users to our sites. I have come up with a list of different ways agents can drive traffic to their sites. I have put them in order of … Read More »

Excited About After Effects

by Justin Bartlett on 2:51 pm November 16, 2009

I recently discovered Adobe After Effects for the first time, and I am amazed at how powerful and versatile this program is.  After the install and launching the program for the first time, similar to the first time that I took at look at Flash or Photoshop, I’ll admit that the I was a little daunted by the seeming complexity of the program, but as I am becoming more acclimated to it I am, well, getting quite excited. With the explosion of Web 2.0 and … Read More »

2008 Stats from YouTube and Why you should use Video Tours

by Jeremy Rivera on 12:19 pm August 14, 2008

Youtube Usage 2008 WeeklySEO clued me into a a PDF from Google for 2008 that provides some recent stats about YouTube usuage. It is full of really interesting and detailed information about JUST HOW MUCH YouTube has grown and how much use it is getting. Specific to why you should use video tours, if you review the stats of Youtube users, you can tell that real estate’s prime target ages are actually online in greater numbers than teenagers! This gives Realtors a better idea of who … Read More »

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