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Is Loyalty a Diminishing Commodity?

by Zvi Band on 9:30 am February 21, 2018

“Whoever solves the loyalty problem wins the future” – Brian Boero Is loyalty a diminishing commodity? A variety of studies have sought to determine whether or not millennials are brand loyal with some finding them more brand loyal than the Generation X and Baby Boomer generations and others like a study from Cadent Consulting Group saying that the more than half of millennials have no preference between a private-label and the bigger national brands. This is good news in some ways. What it means is … Read More »

Compass and Big Plans

by Drew Meyers on 4:26 pm November 7, 2017

I watched the video of Robert Reffkin’s vision for real estate’s future (via Inman)… Compass’ goal is 20% market share in the top 20 cities by 2020. How are they going to do it? Invest in their team (meaning buying agents), and build a…CRM? Say what? CRMs exist already. Many of them. Agents don’t use them. Yet another CRM isn’t going to solve that problem unless you change the core agent compensation model the way Redfin has. To grow a brokerage, you either buy/poach agents … Read More »

A Few More CRM Thoughts

by Drew Meyers on 3:20 pm November 23, 2016

Use a real estate CRM to uncover key business insight

As you probably already know, I’ve been evaluating CRMs the last couple weeks. The use case we were looking to solve for 360modern is tracking leads/prospects and convert them to buyer/seller clients — giving us visibility into future cashflow (closings) in the process. We were specifically not looking for a product to run the whole business. 360modern is a referral business model. We generate buyer and seller leads and either service those clients ourselves through HRWard (Heidi Ward Real Estate) or refer buyers/sellers to agents with an understanding of architecture … Read More »

Local Real Estate Marketing Tips

by Ryan Gullett on 4:20 pm November 17, 2016

Real Estate Marketing Tips

Bad real estate marketing tips can feel like a hamster wheel. It is just going around in a circle with no real direction. PPC campaigns and social media advertising is great for exposure,but they often have horrible conversion rates. Recent content on GeekEstate has done a good job covering CRM’s and database tools. How do you fill those systems with good quality leads? You get local! I think lots of agents are missing out on a very valuable gold mine of leads. The Real Estate Agent … Read More »

An Amazing Product Accomplishment — Keeping it Simple

by Drew Meyers on 3:27 pm November 10, 2016

I’ve been evaluating Pipedrive, on Bryn’s recommendation. I logged in the other day for the first time, and was greeted at a uber clean interface. One simple pipeline. It’s clear the product is meant to do one thing — pipeline analysis — really, really well. Given the simplicity of the product, I figured the product was a year or two old (maybe less). I proceeded to look at Linkedin to see how long the company/product had been around. Turns out the company was founded in 2010 — … Read More »

Why I use Pipedrive as my CRM

by Bryn Kaufman on 1:22 pm November 4, 2016

This post is not going to be an intensive Pipedrive review, and I am not going to mention any other CRMs that I tried that I had problems with. What I will go over is why I really like Pipedrive and have no plans to change to another CRM. There are a few key features I need from a CRM. One is that all email sent to our clients is tracked through the CRM. One of my virtual assistants spends a lot of time following … Read More »

Revisiting Real Estate CRMs in 2016

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am November 2, 2016

Use a real estate CRM to uncover key business insight

Every year (starting in 2011), I think someone is going to solve the real estate CRM problem. It’s certainly not an easy opportunity to execute on, for many reasons I’ve previously outlined. Years later, there’s still no clear dominant vendor. I’ve been consulting for, and am currently evaluating CRMs for the business as we go into 2017. I’ve asked a few of my trusted friends in the industry and have ended up with the following vendor list to evaluate: … Read More »

Website & IDX Combo for Boutique Brokerages — RealSavvy

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am October 4, 2016

There’s a new technology vendor worth taking a look at if you’re a boutique brokerage/team, and searching for a new website/IDX provider. RealSavvy. They’re based in Austin, and look to have a fairly slick offering. It’s a full website, IDX, and CRM in one, teamed with an iOS app (with Android coming soon). (and yes, I’ve long been a skeptic that native mobile apps are worth the money for an agent/broker given the massively high bar to get people to download/use native apps, see KW’s … Read More »

Burner Connections

by Drew Meyers on 9:01 am October 14, 2015

I came across Burner Connections this morning. I’ll be honest, I thought it was some sort of networking app for Burners when I first saw the name — but think of it as “apps for your phone number”. I’m curious to see whether any real estate use cases for this emerge. I imagine there could be some fairly interesting integrations for companies building CRM’s. More on Burner Connections can be found here.

The Swanepoel T3 Tech Guide – Software Edition

by Sam DeBord on 3:12 pm May 5, 2015

T3 Tech Guide

It’s perplexing how often real estate industry questions are referred to social media for answers.  Some of the most basic questions of brokerage model, pay structure, technology tools, and marketing systems lack a unified research database where brokers and agents can begin their searches on an objective playing field. In lieu of a go-to guide, we use personal references, anecdotes, and one-line Facebook comments and hope that the general consensus is the right answer for our businesses. That’s the gaping hole that the T3 Tech Guide is hoping … Read More »

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