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Search, Discovery, and Marketing…and Listings

by Drew Meyers on 10:12 pm June 24, 2015

Earlier today, Benedict Evans wrote on the topic of Search, Discovery, and Marketing. Particularly if you are a broker or franchises who thinks constantly about syndication & marketing your firm’s listings, you should read it. I wanted to pull this quote out: where do you want to be hard to find? Do you want to be one of a million listings in Google or the app stores, or do you want to be one of ten or 100 listings in a carefully curated selection – but where that … Read More »

For Brokerage Profits, Syndication is an Inefficient Stepchild to IDX

by Sam DeBord on 3:49 pm April 14, 2015

IDX is not Syndication

(Note: This post is about industry-wide brokerage profitability in an IDX scenario vs a syndication scenario.  It’s  not about an individual broker’s profits or decision to use IDX/syndication.)   We’re hearing more often that IDX and listing syndication are essentially the same (via Rob).  From a consumer advertising perspective, that argument may make sense.  From a broker-centric profit mindset, it’s far from the truth. Our company shares our listings with brokers via IDX and with portals via syndication.  It makes sense based on our clients’ requests, but to … Read More »

Why was there no vote about giving our listings to Zillow?

by Bryn Kaufman on 10:19 am April 12, 2015

My local Board of Realtors is now sending all listings directly to Zillow, and neither the Board members, nor the Directors, voted on it. If your Board voted or took a poll on the syndication issue, please let us know in the comments. Who we distribute our listings to is an important issue, and as the local Board of Realtors supposedly represents us, they should vote or take a poll on important issues like this. The funny thing with my Board is, they just polled … Read More »

The National Broker Public Portal: Simplicity, Differentiation Are the Paths To Success

by Sam DeBord on 3:30 pm February 22, 2015

Simplicity - Broker Public Portal

There has been a lot written about the possibility of a national Broker Public Portal for real estate–probably too much, for a project that’s nowhere near being off the ground yet.  Still, the idea rallies the spirits of many brokers, so it has legs. The hurdles in front of the project are massive, and they shouldn’t be ignored.  They should become the focus of the project.  Its success will not be driven by trying to overcome them, but finding a way around them. A member-led … Read More »

The Future Listing Syndication Landscape

by Drew Meyers on 6:40 am January 13, 2015

Here’s a rough prediction for what will take the place in the listing syndication arena after the “ListHub-Zillow divorce” (for more analysis on the deal, read Rob Hahn’s thoughts here and here): Zillow will continue to invest in their listing management and reporting dashboard. Brokers & MLS’ will want an independent vendor that will send their listings to all portals, with no vested interest in any particular portal. Companies like Bridge & ListTrac will focus on being unbiased as a point of differentiation, and gain traction with early … Read More »

ListHub & Point2 Combine Forces

by Drew Meyers on 6:19 am September 7, 2014

ListHub and Point2 have long been the major listing syndicators of the real estate industry. They represent a substantial chunk of properties on Zillow and Trulia (soon to be one in the same). They were our largest feed providers when I left Zillow in 2010, and I would wager a bet they are still the largest feeds. Some of you saw the recent news that ListHub (owned by Move) purchased Point2. A nice little strategic move to keep Point2 out of the hands of Zillow, and strengthen their … Read More »

Austin Brokers Turning off the Listings Spicket

by Drew Meyers on 11:54 pm October 30, 2013

AGBeat – Eight Austin real estate firms terminate listing syndication (PS: if you read AG, you should really join the AGBeat community page) Inman – 8 more Austin real estate brokerages turn off flow of listings to portals So, more brokers are shutting off the listings faucet to the portals. (If you don’t know the history of the listing syndication debate, go read through all these articles). Let’s be clear. We’re talking about 8 brokerages. In one market. Once someone in a major market rallies enough local support to … Read More »

The “Bait” Debate

by Jonathan Peterson on 10:33 am October 11, 2013

Lately you’ve likely heard your listings referred to as bait. Your listings are the one thing you have to attract buyers. They are the driver to your business and the things that will help you catch the big fish. That’s only somewhat true. In keeping with the fishing metaphor, it is not just about the bait. It is about the skill of the fisherman. If all it took was good bait, we’d all be able to reel in the 17 foot Marlin like the one … Read More »

Will Google Eventually Punish, Zillow and Trulia Or Any Others For Lack Of Listing Data Integrity?

by Jason Richards on 5:30 am April 3, 2012

There was an article in the San Diego Union Tribune that was one of the many attempts to explain the listing data integrity and syndication debate to the general consumer. As most of us and some of the big players in the industry have already taken a position, I was left wondering if Google and friends would eventually take a position as well on the subject. Obviously they are not going to formally take sides but rather if there would be any direct consequences as a … Read More »

Online Advertising 101 – Real Estate People, DON’T READ THIS

by Patrick Healy on 7:15 am March 20, 2012

[Note from editor: This was original published on and shared here since it’s relevant to the Geek Estate audience] A Familiar Scenario Let’s say I owned a commercial website like, say, The New York Times online. I have editorial content and ads that run throughout the site. There are ads all over the place where you consume content but also there are entire sections with nothing but ads. Let’s call that the classified section. Now, unlike something such as Craig’s List where it’s free to place … Read More »

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