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Real Estate App Idea to Ponder: Zillow Advice, Inside a Native App

by Drew Meyers on 11:16 am September 10, 2013

A drop dead simple way to ask real estate questions, and get responses from real estate experts. In an app. On Zillow’s iOS app — there is no way to ask questions in Zillow Advice. Maybe they should just package that experience into a separate app. Since Zillow Advice is a prospecting tool for agents — that enabling them to answer questions while in line at the grocery store would be a win-win. Would a Real Estate Q&A app work on it’s own? Or is … Read More »

Zillow: Long Distance

by Drew Meyers on 8:21 am June 17, 2013

Zillow is kicking off a new TV campaign… What do you think?

Case-Shiller Acquisition Thoughts — WTF?

by Drew Meyers on 11:00 pm May 27, 2013

I was just talking shop with Greg Fischer tonight, and we got to discussing recent real estate industry acquisitions. How did I miss the fact that CoreLogic bought Case-Shiller from Fiserv for….$6 MILLION? That’s it? WTF? Why on earth did Trulia not buy that brand? Case-Shiller would have given them an instant seat at the table in terms of mindshare for housing trends in the national media. They spent $355 Million on Market Leader, but not $6 Million on Case-Shiller? And why on earth did Zillow … Read More »

Home Improvement, It’s All About The Z’s

by Michael Price on 8:31 pm March 5, 2013

Home Improvement is a huge category, $300 billion big. When you combine the retail products and myriad service providers together you have vertical that makes up a respectable chunk of the U.S. consumer economy. When it comes to the web and the creativity of this huge commerce engine, it still seems a little ho-hum when it comes to new media. Sure there have been a few cool apps that allow you to put furniture in virtual rooms to get an idea of what that 401K … Read More »

Zillow Acquires HotPads for $16 Million in Cash

by Drew Meyers on 3:38 pm November 26, 2012


Wow, the Zillow M&A department ha been busy. Today, they announced the acquisition of HotPads — for $16 million in cash. Zillow has purchased Buyfolio, Mortech, and RentJuice within the past year. The acquisition of HotPads gives them another 2.8 million uniques per month, most of whom are renters, that they can use to generate leads for landlords in the Zillow Rentals program. I’ve known a few members of the HotPads team since 2006 or 2007, and it’s great to see all their hard work result in an … Read More »

Zillow Strikes Again

by Drew Meyers on 9:01 pm November 5, 2012

It looks like the next real estate technology vendor in line to be purchased — was actually a vendor in the mortgage space. Mortech. My old employer, Zillow, which just purchased Buyfolio, announced the $17 million dollar acquisition of Mortech today. I’m hopeful this deal will help increase revenues in Zillow’s Mortgage Marketplace (which has been around since 2008).

Zillow Acquires Buyfolio

by Drew Meyers on 8:23 am November 1, 2012

My former employer, Zillow, just picked up Buyfolio in an acquisition. Congrats to both teams! I have to imagine real estate technology vendors are scrambling like mad to attract clients and gain traction in the hopes of being the next company to be acquired by either Zillow, Trulia, or Who’s next in line?

Zillow is Going Mainstream

by Drew Meyers on 11:00 am September 17, 2012

Not sure who saw today’s news that Zillow launched their first television commercial — titled “Find Your Way Home.” What do you think of the messaging?

The Launching Of Zillow's Agent Websites With IDX… Is The Playing Field Changing?

by Jason Richards on 9:50 pm June 5, 2012

The Latest Move, Zillow’s Agent Websites.. Last week saw the launch of Zillow’s agent websites with idx. From the onset, it appears like a too good to be true offering.  Wordpress site, domain, hosting, idx and support all for $10 a month.  This move brings up so many questions.. What is the benefit to Zillow?  Access to more listings?  Trying to become all things to all agents? Is this a back door or a more direct path to the listing data with the multiples? Will … Read More »

Zillow Reframe – A New Point Of View

by Daniel Beer on 6:21 pm May 29, 2012

I recently made my first significant contribution to the ongoing Z, T, R saga, which I urge you to read and consider here.  Though it was posted on another source, I thought it was significant enough that I did not want GEB readers to miss out on the discussion. In short, I feel that while Z, T, and R are not my favorite thing to ever happen to the real estate industry, we should be content that they are what they are and not a … Read More »

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