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Zillow is competing against you, and using your own name to do it

by Mike McGee on 12:22 pm May 30, 2015

I’m not one of those guys who thinks that Zillow aims to put agents out of business. Zillow needs agents, as they are Zillow’s primary revenue source. But neither have I deluded myself into thinking that Zillow is not competing with agents & brokers. They clearly are. Many Zillow apologists will deny this, claiming their only goal is to help agents succeed. Yes, Zillow does help many agents get business, but that’s not mutually exclusive with competing against them. (More about this later.) This, in and … Read More »

Top 10 SEO Tips for Real Estate

by John E. Miller on 2:13 pm September 1, 2011

If you have a real estate website then it is essential that you are property utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to its fullest. Here are 10 SEO tips that are great for any real estate website. Tip #1: Do Your Research When creating (or promoting) a real estate website, it is essential that you pick the perfect keywords or keyword phrases. When doing so, utilizing Google Keywords can help you to not only find out the competition for each of your desired keywords, but also … Read More »

Can MLS Companies Level The Playing Field?

by Justin Britt on 3:22 am March 29, 2011

Realtors hold all the cards (MLS data), but are aggregators squeaking out the win? – photo credit Recently, a Hawaii MLS company (who asked to remain anonymous) audited Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers and informed me of a few RETS rules and regulations we were violating. The MLS technician assisting me (we’ll call him Kimo) was very helpful, clearly explaining the fixes needed. Once in compliance, my competitive nature had me checking to see if other Hawaii real estate websites were also following RETS rules and regulations. Some … Read More »

Bing Grabbing Market Share from Google

by Justin Britt on 5:49 am March 25, 2011

In the past, I always concentrated on optimizing my web pages for Google first, and Yahoo! and Bing second. That’s because Google’s competitors delivered a fraction of the traffic—making the search giant my go to source. But when Yahoo! threw in the towel and announced that Bing would be powering its search (2009) I knew that Microsoft was going to give Google a run for their money…well, at least close the gap. Despite recently being busted by Google for copying their search results, Bing has … Read More »

Get Your Rankings Kick Started in 2010

by Jeff Manson on 7:03 pm January 4, 2010

I thought it would be fun to ask a couple friends that I respect a few questions about Search Engine Marketing / SEO. Both Justin and Bob have been very successful in their real estate markets plus consulting clients in other verticals as well. Bob Wilson has been a San Diego real estate agent since 1990. He has been a leader and student of the search world enabling him to stay ahead of the curve since 1998 when he launched his first real estate site. … Read More »

Google Using Site Speed in Rankings in 2010

by Jeff Manson on 11:32 pm November 21, 2009

I first heard this rumor from an agent at NAR last week.  Check out the video below of Matt Cutts of Google talking about how they are seriously considering using site speed as one of the many factors in ranking a site. After listening to the video it does make sense. There’s nothing worse than waiting for some dinosaur of a site to load.  He also talks a little about Caffeine and the roll out. Matt Cutts on Site Speed and the Caffeine Update Here … Read More »

Bing Webmaster Tools – A Novice's First Impression

by Sam DeBord on 4:26 am October 6, 2009

I’m relatively new to the SEO world, but I’m interested/excited to see what kind of competition Bing can bring to Google’s search dominance.  GOOG is no longer the cool, independent startup that we all loved a few years back, it’s now a cool, 800 lb gorilla.  At least maybe MSFT can add a 2nd gorilla to the mix and give us a little bit of variety. I registered for Bing Webmaster Tools to see what kind of new ideas/statistics that it could provide for our business.  So … Read More »

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