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Enallage, Alliteration, Diacope, Chiasmus

by Drew Meyers on 7:23 am November 19, 2014

Brand names are hard. As are great slogans. Guessing not many of you have heard the term “enallage” (I hadn’t). What does it mean? A slight deliberate grammatical mistake that makes a sentence stand out — and it makes a ton of sense when it comes to company slogans, something every founder and business owner should be thinking about. Along with alliteration, diacope, and chiasmus, it’s one of the tricks to memorable slogans. Go read the whole article at New York Times. via Alliteration, diacope, chiasmus. killer article. Mkters & startups must … Read More »

Thinking through Your Home Page Strategy

by Drew Meyers on 5:38 pm January 3, 2014

Rand Fishkin’s first white board friday of 2014 is a great topic: What Should I Put On the Home Page? The topic is fitting given I had a conversation with an agent from the Geek Estate community earlier today and we discussed this exact topic. Here is the full 12 minute video. It’s worth watching.

Step 2 – Branded Contact Info: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence

by TheRECoach on 1:24 pm February 23, 2013

From: “Step 1 – Branding: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence” “After you answer these questions, you can create a Brand that will work. For the sake of this Blog Series, I will create the Brand … “Beachwood Canyon Hollywood Homes”” Ok, we have our Brand =) Now What? In this Step, we are going to create two things: A “Branded” Email Account – Through Gmail A “Unique” Google Voice Number – That will be forwarded to your existing cell phone. Why? It’s simple. Over the years, almost everyone … Read More »

Are You Building a TRUE Brand?

by Drew Meyers on 7:00 am February 25, 2012

Are you building a TRUE brand, or a business totally dependent on spending money to earn revenue? It’s a question each and every one of you should be asking yourself. Allow me to expand on the branding discussion I started a few days ago. Every business has to evaluate their marketing strategy and weigh both the short and long term cost of their revenue sources to determine the best way to grow their business. Real estate is certainly no different. Where are your leads, clients and … Read More »

5 questions about social media and SEO with Real Estate Marketing Wiz Ryan Clark

by Tony Kawaguchi on 9:31 pm February 7, 2011

Ryan Clark has been my marketing and branding consultant for a while now, and we regularly discuss social media and link building for real estate. He’s always in the know about the latest SEO and online marketing, and I’ve been asking him for a year to let me do this short interview for GeekEstate. Ryan’s team is focused on working with big brands and companies in very difficult markets, and my market in Hawaii is one of the toughest. [Tony:]  Tell us about your SEO … Read More »

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