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Innovate for Consumer Mortgage Experience–Not Lead Generation

by Sam DeBord on 11:30 am December 7, 2015

Google announced a new mortgage shopping product in late November. Partly powered by Zillow, it’s an advertising tool for lenders and a product comparison tool for consumers. Zillow already has the products, interest rates, and reviews of nationwide lenders across its mortgage shopping system. It makes perfect sense to integrate these into Google search results more seamlessly, reducing the number of clicks users must make to find the mortgage answer they’re looking for. There’s a lot of money flowing into those companies, as they continue … Read More »

Price Per Square Foot in Real Estate: When Data Makes Us Less Informed

by Sam DeBord on 10:28 am August 20, 2014

Price Per Square Foot

As professionals, we’re often as fascinated by real estate statistics as consumers are. Price per square foot is one of the metrics that is frequently quoted in attempting to value homes for sale, and it has become a ubiquitous stat on real estate websites. While it’s an interesting piece of data in an online listing, frankly, it’s a waste of time. Price per square foot is a number that boils down dozens of unique factors in a house or condo and attempts to bundle them into … Read More »

Real Estate Branding Madness – Is this the worst ever?

by Chris Drayer on 8:56 am March 13, 2014

March is one of my favorite months. Spring real estate is revving up, it’s almost sailing season and my Jayhawks frequently make long NCAA Tournament runs. Last night, DePaul and Georgetown fought it out, with DePaul narrowly winning 60-56. However, neither team is likely to reach the NCAA Tournament come Selection Sunday. Their records are not very strong and the conference is a mess and falling by the wayside as management lacks oversight and unity. Last night, I took a photo of the game and I … Read More »

Realogy's IPO – Will it Measure Up?

by Alex Cortez on 7:45 pm October 17, 2012


    **Note: Post below was written on 10/10/2012, before the IPO. According to reports, the public offering was a success, with stock soaring as high as $34.90 on its opening day** Those watching the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday morning will see a new ticker,”RLGY” as the real estate franchise giant, Realogy Corp., goes public. And after a long, somewhat tumultuous history of being owned (directly and via affiliates/subsidiaries) by hedge fund Apollo, some say that it’s the right time for Realogy to … Read More »

If This Then That: Top 10 ifttt Recipes for Real Estate Agents

by Sam DeBord on 10:40 pm March 8, 2012

If This, Then That is a new company with a plethora of tools designed to automate, simplify, and organize your online world.  They have broken down the code and APIs of online services including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many others, and created services that automate many functions that users would ordinarily have to do themselves. For a more in-depth overview of the technology, see Chris Smith’s article on Inman, “If This Then That will melt your face off“, inspired by Gahlord Dewald, which introduced me … Read More »

How to Get Started in Real Estate

by Seth Price on 3:41 am February 24, 2012

There are lot’s of things that I wish I knew before starting in real estate. What they don’t tell you about real estate is a presentation that came from hundreds of conversations that I have had with agents and brokers across the nation. Working in real estate is a multifaceted career. One part industry expert, one part marketer, one part sales person, one part negotiator, one part tech support and lots of hard work. The bad news is: there is no silver bullet. The good … Read More »

Building Brand with Social Media at the Brokerage Level

by Justin Britt on 4:38 pm January 19, 2012

Hawaii Life Facebook Insights

Real Estate Social “Notworking?” It was getting close to Inman Connect NY, and I could feel the urgency in a text message from Matt Beall, “did you get my email regarding the social media case study for Inman?” I’m sure somewhere—in the ether that is my inbox—sat an email from Mr. Beall. Knee deep in a Hawaii Life interface redesign, however, my Gmail account was left unmanaged and overflowing its 200G limit. Since integrating social media into our real estate search in September 2011, I hadn’t really thought … Read More »

How Agents Can Use Online Communities to Network

by John E. Miller on 10:31 pm January 16, 2012

For real estate agents, helping clients buy and sell homes is arguably more difficult than ever before. Competition is higher and tighter for a smaller number of clients who, understandably, fear the impact of a down real estate market and are reluctant to take the leap to owning a home or buying a new one. For these reasons, finding any leverage to use when building and growing a network is a must. Fortunately, the power of the Internet remains as strong as ever. In fact, … Read More »

Craigslist Real Estate Strategy: More Traffic & Leads

by Jeremy Linder on 4:49 pm November 17, 2011

craigslist marketing for real estate

In many markets the online classified site gets insane amounts of traffic. Many real estate agents have attempted to take advantage of this by repeatedly posting ineffective ads and conclude it’s not a reliable source of website traffic or lead generation for them. Heck, I was even one of these agents for most of 2010. You see I was posting ads nearly every day but the only responses I ever got were spam. How can that be? I was using professional looking HTML templates, … Read More »

Change the Way you do Real Estate with Social Media

by John E. Miller on 5:06 pm October 17, 2011

Social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn have truly changed the way we do business across the world, including real estate. When it comes to everything from shopping to buying a house, many people first turn to the internet before spending time in the field. Therefore, if you want to attract buyers (especially of the most recent generations) then social media networking is essential. The Key to Social Media Networking Now that you know the importance of utilizing social media networking for everything from … Read More »

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