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Google Over SEO Penalty Coming Soon

by Justin Britt on 4:46 pm March 19, 2012

Matt Cutts speaking at SXSW

Photo rights: John Nowak, CNN If you haven’t already began a major SEO overhaul for your real estate website based on Google’s Panda Update—now could be a good time to start. Google doesn’t generally announce algorithm changes before they happen, but, as reported by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable, “Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, announced…that Google is releasing an algorithm update specifically to target sites over doing their SEO.” Matt Cutts says, “We are trying to level the playing field a bit. All those people … Read More »

The Holy Grail of Link Building

by Drew Meyers on 6:30 am March 5, 2012

The holy grail of link building? Well, short of a link from Yahoo or CNN, I’d consider a link from Apple pretty darn good — and the Good Life Team pulled it off for their use of iPads in their business. I know Page Ranks aren’t everything, but the page with the link is a PR6. How’d they get it? They built a brand.

Google's Latest Ranking Factors – 1 Year After Panda

by Justin Britt on 5:57 pm February 27, 2012

3 days after the anniversary of the Google Panda Update—G’s first algorithm targeting poor content—the search giant announces its latest algo update: Panda 3.3. Important Google Updates There are over 40 improvements in the latest Panda update, most noteable are: Link Evaluation Google says, “We have changed the way in which we evaluate links; in particular, we are turning off a method of link analysis that we used for several years.” What this means? If you’re still trading links, or participating in link building practices … Read More »

How "Little" Brokerages Can Get "Bigger"

by Drew Meyers on 6:45 am February 23, 2012

It’s true — the VAST majority of independent brokerages can’t afford to write a 7 figure check to the Zillow’s of the world. As Jay puts it: This could be the beginning of the end for small brokerages Or not. I’m in the “not” camp. That said, I have an idea about how “small” brokerages can get, well, a bit “bigger” — without actually physically getting any bigger. I’ve long thought there is an opportunity for independent brokerages around the country to unite and build … Read More »

A SEO & Link Acquisition Strategy Worth Considering – Buying Blogs

by Drew Meyers on 11:03 am February 22, 2012

Syndication SEO Real Estate

First, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that SEO has been on your mind recently. That’s just a hunch. Second, I’ll take a wild guess and say you already know SEO in the real estate vertical is expensive. Again, just a guess. If not? Click the link. Third, I’ll take a stab in the dark and say there are a fair number of you looking to figure out a SEO (hint: link building) strategy for 2012. If you are in that camp — and particularly for the … Read More »

17 Ways to Protect your SEO During a Website Redesign

by Seth Price on 5:27 am February 17, 2012

Redesigning your website is no small endeavor. Most likely you’re redesigning it because it’s not as effective as it should be. When clients describe their existing websites to me, they are often embarrassed and don’t want me to look at their old site. It’s almost as if they’re happy no one visits it. While I hope this isn’t the case with your site, the fact is a lot of people are struggling to get their businesses noticed because of bad websites. Your real estate website … Read More »

An Example of Brokerages Missing the Content Marketing Boat

by Drew Meyers on 11:04 pm February 16, 2012

Like the local data expert situation which I discussed awhile ago, agents and brokerages are also getting killed at the content marketing game. Why aren’t big, national brokerages pulling together content like this as a marketing tactic? Or even regional brokerages covering a few local MSA’s? Mining listing data for interesting data and photos to attract consumer traffic is not that hard. It serves two primary purposes — interesting content for consumers AND link bait as one method of link building. It works, or I assure … Read More »

Without Listings, Zillow and Company Will Perish

by Alex Cortez on 7:21 pm

Syndication SEO Real Estate

The decisions made by Abbott Realty Group, Edina, and some local boards across the country have sent shock waves across the real estate landscape. And while some of the industry giants such as Jay Thompson and Kris Berg have already discussed in length what syndicating to aggregators means to the industry as a whole, this post is not about the merits/flaws of sending listing data to aggregators but rather to discuss the SEO ramifications of syndicating. As Drew firmly argued in his post “for any … Read More »

Expanding on the SEO Debate as it Relates to Listing Syndication

by Drew Meyers on 11:42 am February 13, 2012

Syndication SEO Real Estate

I firmly believe that SEO is at the route of this listing syndication discussion that has been picking up steam since Edina and ARG stopped syndicating their listings, so wanted to expand on the SEO discussion that Sam picked up on. Some have defended the SEO tactics the syndicators use, but most simply don’t understand SEO — which is prompting this post to help the industry better understand this issue. Specifically, I wanted to address the thought by some agents/brokers that “without my/our listings, I/we would outrank … Read More »

The Real Syndication Battle: SEO. Are Brokers Giving Away Online "Real Estate"?

by Sam DeBord on 12:54 pm January 30, 2012

Syndication SEO Real Estate

[Pre-emption of syndication flack:  I syndicate.  Most brokers do.  Many value the additional exposure in the current situation.  This isn’t a blanket condemnation of syndication.  It’s merely an analysis of the SEO byproduct of that action.] The real estate industry is buzzing about Edina Realty and ARG pulling their listings from syndicators.  The announcement, one strong view, and a different response. Most of the arguments about syndication are ignoring the elephant in the room. Real estate brokers and syndication sites are battling for SEO. 9 … Read More »

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