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5 Steps to Creating a Strong Digital Impression

by Eric Boyenga on 9:30 am June 29, 2017

Below are five key points for making sure your online first impression lasts longer than your most recent Snapchat. Reviews: These days, almost everyone does their research online. Anything from movies, restaurants, Uber drivers to real estate agents, is rated and reviewed by everyone. Word of mouth isn’t what it used to be, and more people are turning towards online reviews for a first, second, and ultimately the last opinion  so ensuring your online presence is positive as a Realtor is crucial. They don’t all have … Read More »

Investing in Hyper Local in 2016 (& Anyone Need a Great Local Writer in Seattle?)

by Drew Meyers on 1:09 pm February 16, 2016

I still believe hyper local is where the opportunity is for those playing the long game in real estate. It’s the only thing that no one can easily replicate. C21 Redwood Realty gets this; see here for context (behind subscription wall). What does investing in hyper local look like? Some combination of local blogging, contributing to sites such as StreetAdvisor (a consulting client of mine), and community building face to face. I still think this strategy would work. You just have to do it. I still think … Read More »

8 Non-Monetary Benefits of Blogging

by Brandon Turner on 5:53 pm February 21, 2013

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from the folks at Bigger Pockets. Sometimes blogging isn’t fun. It’s not often you hear that, but I’m being real here. Sometimes you sit down at the computer and just think to yourself, “I don’t want to write another word! I’m not getting anything out of it!” Perhaps you’ve been blogging for months (or years) and haven’t seen any direct return on your investment, or perhaps you’ve just started and are beginning to realize the truth that all … Read More »

Why You Should Steal Like an Artist

by Sarah Metzger on 6:30 am July 27, 2012

It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to. So says, the late great Jean-Luc Godard, one of many influential thinkers highlighted in Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist.” I picked up the short, pithy (and visually arresting) book mostly because the list format was appealing and the sketch-figure drawings promised something new and refreshing. Little did I know that this quick read — toted by artists and influencers in the writing community — would apply so aptly to real estate, and … Read More »

4 Key Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Real Estate Website

by Seth Price on 7:53 am March 13, 2012

WordPress Rules! So, you’ve decided to launch a blog or real estate website? Chances are you’re not doing it alone. That being the case, your next choice should be about which CMS (content management system) you’ll use to simplify all the activities you’d rather not have to be an expert on. Of the platforms out there WordPress has emerged as the clear leader. Here are four reasons why. 1. Popularity WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet. All in all, … Read More »

Turn Your Clients into Celebrities Real Estate Blogging with a Spin

by Hayley Tomazic on 8:22 am October 6, 2011

Content is King. You have heard it before. If you don’t have good content on your blog, then who will want to read it? My biggest concern when I decided to start a real estate blog was that no one would care. I didn’t want to invest my time in writing only to be the sole reader. When writing a Real Estate blog, there are many different directions you can take. “Turning Your Clients into Celebrities” happens to be my blog theme of choice. Let’s start with exactly what … Read More »

Why It usually takes 18 months to make money from your real estate site

by Joe Salcedo on 6:19 am September 21, 2011

MY WIFE WILL VIOLENTLY PROTEST, but is building and marketing a successful site not unlike half of the pain and time of a full term pregnancy?  It starts with euphoria (not always well thought out), it starts growing on you, it becomes a reality, you eagerly wait for any spark of life, you look at it every morning and evening, then… there it is…*gasps*..a very young offspring that needs further care, diaper-changing and baby talk. (I had client share her life story just before signing … Read More »

Kiss Your "RSS" Good-bye!

by TheRECoach on 5:46 pm January 5, 2010

Kiss Your “RSS” Goodbye! Ok, so I’m hosting “The World’s Best IRL Meetup” for VREBC (Virtual REBarCamp) yesterday in Costa Mesa w/ The talented Ms. Stacey Harmon (and a Cameo appearance by Everyone’s Tech Guy, Loren Nason) when during a break in the action a fantastic, intuitive, spontaneous discussion breaks out! (that’s why we do the IRL Meetups for VREBC, so people can talk to other people, instead of “Vegetating” in front of their laptop in Jammies!, but I digress)…so anyway, Stacey answers the very … Read More »

Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” & “Define” – Question #2 Discussion

by TheRECoach on 4:28 pm December 10, 2009

REAL QUICK, in case you are coming late to the party (which I never recommend, because all the best hors doeuvres are gone and you are left with finger sandwiches) here is where it all started…. “Web 3.0 – A Post Intended to “Define” & “Design”, – Original Post Nov 2nd Web 3.0 – Discussion #1 – “OMG, I Never Thought of That!”  #2 Nov 20th Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” & “Define” – Question #1 Discussion #3 Dec 3rd OK, now … Read More »

Anyone can Establish their Site as a Local Market Expert

by Matthew Swanson on 12:20 pm August 24, 2009

Today’s post is my first contribution to the Geek Estate Blog, but before I dive into the details of today’s post, I wanted to take a quick second to do an intro about my background in the online world. My name is Matthew Swanson and I’ve been in the online world right about 10 years now. I started as a web developer at in March 2000 working with Shane Pike. transitioned as we were bought by CareerBuilder in 2002 and I worked on … Read More »

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