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Social Media & Ripping Apart the Fabric of Society

by Drew Meyers on 3:08 pm December 12, 2017

I’m a huge fan of Chamath Palihapitiya & his drum of working on hard problems (see here). He says what everyone is thinking, but are too scared to say publicly. Here’s a recent talk at the Stanford Business School that generated press that Facebook has been forced to respond to: Go to minute 21:30 for this thoughts on what Facebook has become and how social media is ripping apart the fabric of how society works. Experiencing the real physical world is what living is all about. It’s … Read More »

Facebook in 2017

by Drew Meyers on 9:46 pm May 21, 2017

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about Facebook, so wanted to touch on my thoughts on the platform in 2017 as I see it. John Battelle recently wrote a piece worth reading. You can do that here. I envy those who avoid Facebook. Why? Because FB does such a masterful job wasting my time. Lately, I seem to be falling into the trap of Facebook addiction. Open it, expect something new/cool/relevant. Scroll. Be disappointed. Open it again 10 minutes later. Why? In truth, I don’t know. … Read More »

Real Geeks Releases Facebook Marketing Tool

by Sam DeBord on 8:18 am May 5, 2016

Real Geeks Facebook marketing tool

We don’t spend a lot of money on real estate marketing, but Facebook is one place where we dabble in ads. For those of you in the Real Geeks platform or those considering it, they just released a new feature that really improves the Facebook marketing process for Realtors (Disclosure: We have multiple Real Geeks products, but are not paid for promotion or referrals). The hassle with Facebook ads on a large scale is the reproduction of campaigns over time and across different areas. The … Read More »

AdEspresso: The Best Way To Manage Facebook Ads

by Ben Kubic on 8:38 am March 15, 2016

I post a lot about bad technology – I’m looking at you Zillow and Redfin – so I felt like it was time for a look at some really good software that we’ve started using at Virgent.  We’re big believers in Facebook advertising, and we’ve always struggled with the best way to optimize our ads. The standard Facebook interface just isn’t very good and helping marketers identify which ads are performing poorly and which factors are driving the efficacy of each ad group. Enter AdEspresso. It’s changed the … Read More »

Open Graph: Improving Social Media Conversions

by Ben Kubic on 6:22 am November 24, 2015

When you post something on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, do you close your eyes and hope that it looks the way you want it to? If so, you should be using Open Graph, the social media protocol designed by Facebook back in 2010. Open Graph is one of those technologies that sounds complicated (probably because it was designed by engineers) but is actually really simple to implement and has a profound impact on the spread of your content. At it’s core, Open Graph is a few … Read More »

250k Agents in a Facebook Real Estate Directory. So What?

by Drew Meyers on 12:59 pm December 31, 2013

Does Anyone Use Facebook to Search for a Real Estate Agent? I’m not convinced the answer is yes. No one has ever told me they found their agent on Facebook. And, if the answer is no, who cares if N-Play has 250,000 agents in their Facebook directory?

Step 8 – “Saving Face(book) Business Pages”: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence

by TheRECoach on 4:44 pm April 15, 2013

Last Week we Discussed … Step 7 – “Love to Hear Your Clients Going Tweet Tweet Tweet”: 12 Steps Crucial to an RE Professional’s Internet Presence         Today we create a Facebook Business Page … “But I have a Facebook Page Dad?” I didn’t say Facebook Page kid, I said Facebook “Business” Page! … “But I have a Facebook Business Page Dad?” … Perhaps you do kiddo, but it is not “Branded” Oh, so I need a “Branded” Facebook Page, that is “Strictly” … Read More »

If This Then That: Top 10 ifttt Recipes for Real Estate Agents

by Sam DeBord on 10:40 pm March 8, 2012

If This, Then That is a new company with a plethora of tools designed to automate, simplify, and organize your online world.  They have broken down the code and APIs of online services including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many others, and created services that automate many functions that users would ordinarily have to do themselves. For a more in-depth overview of the technology, see Chris Smith’s article on Inman, “If This Then That will melt your face off“, inspired by Gahlord Dewald, which introduced me … Read More »

25 Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals

by Heba Hosny on 6:19 am February 21, 2012

According to stats for Feb. 19th, Facebook bragged a staggering 792+ million users worldwide with the United States in the lead with 155+ million users. Many businesses have thrived thanks to this giant social network, including Real Estate professionals. However, in order to win a game, you must not only learn the rules but stick to them as well! This article is dedicated to Real Estate professionals who strive to take their Facebook pages to the next level. Let’s discuss 25 tweetable (140 characters … Read More »

Building Brand with Social Media at the Brokerage Level

by Justin Britt on 4:38 pm January 19, 2012

Hawaii Life Facebook Insights

Real Estate Social “Notworking?” It was getting close to Inman Connect NY, and I could feel the urgency in a text message from Matt Beall, “did you get my email regarding the social media case study for Inman?” I’m sure somewhere—in the ether that is my inbox—sat an email from Mr. Beall. Knee deep in a Hawaii Life interface redesign, however, my Gmail account was left unmanaged and overflowing its 200G limit. Since integrating social media into our real estate search in September 2011, I hadn’t really thought … Read More »

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