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Tag Archives: real estate websites

How to Get a Better Business Logo for Less Money (in 3 Minutes or Less)

by Seth Williams on 10:54 am October 22, 2015

A few months ago, I was looking for a fast, easy (and preferably, cheap) way to come up with a new business logo for a website I was creating. In my past experience with starting new real estate websites and business ventures, I used to shell out hundreds of dollars to freelance designers on websites like Elance (now Upwork) or 99Designs to take care of this task. A few hundred bucks isn’t a bad price for this kind of work, and I was always happy with the end product … Read More »

Real Estate Trademarks in Meta Tags

by Crystal Tost on 6:13 am October 3, 2012

MLS® and REALTOR® Trademarks in Meta Tags Google is certainly all the buzz talk in the SEO world these days and us Real Estate Agents are not immune to the unfortunate penalties and updates our beloved Google has bestowed on us.  With all the Penguin and Panda talk – and of course the penalties that Google has handed out in the last months – they have really shaken up rankings across the US and Canada. But now you have to wonder about Trademarks and how they affect … Read More »

Need Motivation to Write More Content?

by Drew Meyers on 1:20 pm July 26, 2012

You all know that if you drive zero traffic to your website, you’re going to convert zero leads. You all know that writing great content, consistently is one of the best ways to drive traffic to you site. You also all know that writing content consistently is hard work. So you don’t write. And you get no business. Which brings me to a reason you should invest real money in a professional design for your website/blog. A professionally designed site will motivate you to write … Read More »

A new site and a video you should see

by Greg Fischer on 2:08 pm July 18, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I have a few longer posts on draft but thought I would share a new website and a budding video star with the Geekestate community. Ha Media has been churning out attractive real estate websites for years. However, their new site for Charlotte broker Scott Hartis at is a step in a totally new direction that I think other agents will follow – its a responsive theme powered by the new IDX Broker platinum and is totally tricked … Read More »

Why a Fancy Website Doesn’t Cut It

by Scott Metcalfe on 12:42 pm June 4, 2012

As an internet marketing professional, I’ve seen a lot of digital marketing efforts take off. I’ve also seen plenty of marketing endeavors fail for a variety of reasons. There’s a lot involved in starting a real estate business, including financing, licensing, purchasing office space, and—you guessed it—marketing. Unfortunately, many realtors that I’ve come in contact with miss the mark when it comes to marketing their business online. Why? Because they think that a “fancy” website will help sell their services to prospective clients. Fancy Website … Read More »

4 Key Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Real Estate Website

by Seth Price on 7:53 am March 13, 2012

WordPress Rules! So, you’ve decided to launch a blog or real estate website? Chances are you’re not doing it alone. That being the case, your next choice should be about which CMS (content management system) you’ll use to simplify all the activities you’d rather not have to be an expert on. Of the platforms out there WordPress has emerged as the clear leader. Here are four reasons why. 1. Popularity WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet. All in all, … Read More »

17 Ways to Protect your SEO During a Website Redesign

by Seth Price on 5:27 am February 17, 2012

Redesigning your website is no small endeavor. Most likely you’re redesigning it because it’s not as effective as it should be. When clients describe their existing websites to me, they are often embarrassed and don’t want me to look at their old site. It’s almost as if they’re happy no one visits it. While I hope this isn’t the case with your site, the fact is a lot of people are struggling to get their businesses noticed because of bad websites. Your real estate website … Read More »

Geek Build 2012 — Building a Local Real Estate Website from Scratch

by Drew Meyers on 10:48 am February 3, 2012

Here at Geek Estate, we’re going to undertake a fun iniative in 2012, which will be called “Geek Build 2012” (maybe we’ll do this again next year). What is it? Building a local real estate website/blog (or several) from scratch, with all decisions voted on by the Geek Estate community. And documenting the entire journey here on Geek Estate. Over the past few years speaking to agents all over the country, I often get asked how to build a local blog that consistently generates leads … Read More »

12 Ways to Make Customers Love Your Website

by Seth Price on 6:15 am

How to make your customers fall in love with your website In the court of online real estate, your customers are judge and jury, but the testimony that you hear will take place out of earshot. The rules are unwritten but they are set in stone. Give your customers a really good reason to trust you, like you and feel like you can serve their needs and they will toss aside their inhibitions, along with their reluctance to part with their business. That’s because they … Read More »

What are the Best and Worst Real Estate Agent/Team/Brokerage Websites on the Web?

by Drew Meyers on 6:15 am February 1, 2012

What are the best and worst real estate agent/broker websites on the web today? Best Here are two of the best in my mind. What’s not to like? My prediction — this will be the best site in the entire industry within 6 months. I’ve seen some of the new stuff Dominic has been working on the last few weeks (such as new “building” pages) — and they are wicked cool. Disclosure: Dominic Morrocco, a partner with M Squared, and I are good friends, … Read More »

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