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Top 10 SEO Tips for Real Estate

by John E. Miller on 2:13 pm September 1, 2011

If you have a real estate website then it is essential that you are property utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to its fullest. Here are 10 SEO tips that are great for any real estate website. Tip #1: Do Your Research When creating (or promoting) a real estate website, it is essential that you pick the perfect keywords or keyword phrases. When doing so, utilizing Google Keywords can help you to not only find out the competition for each of your desired keywords, but also … Read More »

Google Reaches Out to Real Estate Businesses

by John E. Miller on 2:03 pm August 26, 2011

Google is arguably the best search engine on the web with everything from Google+ to Google AdWords. Over the last several years the company has landed in the top of the Fortune list of the top 100 employers, offering employees everything from nap areas to childcare. From its humble beginnings until now, this beloved company that started back in 1996 has changed the way we utilize the internet and market our businesses. From search engine optimization to rich snippets, Google has yet again set the … Read More »

More Mail, More Money: Leveraging Direct Mail with QR Codes for Better ROI

by John E. Miller on 5:41 pm August 8, 2011

Just about every real estate professional I know has used direct mail at some point in his or her career. The reasons are obvious: Direct mail can be infinitely personalized; is relatively affordable; is low-tech enough for mass consumption; and delivers a pretty decent return on investment. (Especially if the direct mail campaign is used to target specific neighborhoods in which the real estate agent is a specialist.) There are ways to make this marketing strategy even better, though, and that incorporates using some of … Read More »

How To Snatch A Killer Real Estate Domain Name

by Michael LaPeter on 8:52 am March 6, 2010

We all know the benefits of a killer domain name, but the online real estate market is so crowded and competitive it seems that all the great names are taken.  Instead of just placing a backorder for a domain and hoping, take a look at Mike Davidson’s post: How To Snatch An Expiring Domain. He thoroughly examines the surprisingly complex world behind grabbing expired domains, referred to as “getting in on the Drop”.  The whole article is worth a read, and full of useful knowledge … Read More »

Real Estate RainCamp™

by Brad Andersohn on 7:02 pm February 8, 2010

What the heck is a RainCamp™? Isn’t it really a TechCamp?  Is RainCamp™ anything like REBarCamp?  Maybe you heard this is an event for ActiveRain only?  What makes RainCamp™ different, and why would you want to attend?  Do I have to pay a fee to attend a RainCamp™?  What’s the true value and benefit of going to RainCamp? Hopefully, this will help explain and answer some of these questions: “Real Estate RainCamp™ is a full day Conference/Seminar that is packed with valuable content, presentations, and … Read More »

Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” & “Define” – Question #2 Discussion

by TheRECoach on 4:28 pm December 10, 2009

REAL QUICK, in case you are coming late to the party (which I never recommend, because all the best hors doeuvres are gone and you are left with finger sandwiches) here is where it all started…. “Web 3.0 – A Post Intended to “Define” & “Design”, – Original Post Nov 2nd Web 3.0 – Discussion #1 – “OMG, I Never Thought of That!”  #2 Nov 20th Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” & “Define” – Question #1 Discussion #3 Dec 3rd OK, now … Read More »

How WordPress MU Will Change the Online Real Estate Market

by Justin Bartlett on 1:14 pm October 16, 2009

Wordpress MU is a multi-user blogging platform, allowing the webmaster to easily manage hundreds of thousands of blogs from a single WordPress installation… More and more Realtors, Homeowners, Appraisers, Loan Officers, Title Companies, and Mortgage Brokerages will be using this powerful application. Read More »

Bing Webmaster Tools – A Novice's First Impression

by Sam DeBord on 4:26 am October 6, 2009

I’m relatively new to the SEO world, but I’m interested/excited to see what kind of competition Bing can bring to Google’s search dominance.  GOOG is no longer the cool, independent startup that we all loved a few years back, it’s now a cool, 800 lb gorilla.  At least maybe MSFT can add a 2nd gorilla to the mix and give us a little bit of variety. I registered for Bing Webmaster Tools to see what kind of new ideas/statistics that it could provide for our business.  So … Read More »

Domo Arigato Mr. Animoto!

by TheRECoach on 9:39 am October 21, 2008

Ok, the #1 reason Brokers hire me, is because I possess the rare ability to translate “Geek Speak” into English! #2 is, I can spend 8 hrs reading all the coolest Blogs on the Internet and decipher what cool new tool has some relevance to our industry! Well, my friends I picked up a ton of “Cool Tools” in my Monday Google Reader, the one I will talk about today is called…Animoto! (Which is Japenese me money!) This FREE tool, in my opinion, allows the … Read More »

Alexander Graham "Drip"!

by TheRECoach on 11:23 am October 17, 2008

“Mr. Watson, come here, I need you”…recognize those infamous words? I hope so, they are the words spoken by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant, Mr. Watson (Is this the same guy that Sherlock Holmes called “Homey”?). History has recorded this as the very first phone call. From this point, we have evolved through countless upgrades, to today’s “standard”… the PDA or Smart-phone.  Yet, when discussing the concept of “Drip Marketing” it’s the “lil brother” of the phone, the email, that first comes to mind! Imagine how … Read More »

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