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Zillow + Yahoo Real Estate Partnership Goes Live

by Justin Britt on 1:01 pm February 3, 2011

Shortly after Google announces they will be removing real estate listings from their maps, Zillow and Yahoo Real Estate’s long awaited partnership goes live today. Is this strictly a coincidence? Strategically this is a great move for Zillow, and will effect the real estate industry in several ways. From a real estate agent’s perspective, this expands marketing reach and puts everything into one user interface…saving agents time and allowing them to focus on other tasks. On one of the MLS committees I sit on in Maui, … Read More »

Will You Be Using Video In 2011?

by James Shiner on 12:16 pm January 13, 2011

I was having a discussion today (via comments on a Facebook status) regarding using video in your marketing in 2011, and the topic of “bad” videos came up. Now this isn’t a new concern by any means. Many people avoid using video in fear that having a poorly lit or shaky video will actually hurt their marketing efforts. To this I always say: “What about awful listing photos? Those are posted far too often, but photos are necessary to sell a home.” Now, whether or not … Read More »

RSS Feeds & Real Estate Leads – Really…"Kiss Your 'RSS' Good-bye!"

by Justin Britt on 5:39 pm May 25, 2010

When Eric Bryant wrote the original Kiss Your “RSS” Good-bye, he was referring to RSS feeds being a thing of the past as social networking sites like Twitter provided a filter for really good articles, “Kinda like a ‘Human Aggregator’”. I thought this was a smart observation, but Eric’s post had to do with RSS feeds as they pertain to blogs and the reading of real estate articles. Today, I’m here to talk about RSS feeds as they relate to MLS data. RSS Feeds + … Read More »

How Can We Drive More Traffic?

by Jeff Manson on 3:23 pm May 16, 2010

I am always looking for new effective ways to drive more traffic to my site and help others do the same, so I wanted to explore the most effective ways to do that without organic search engine rankings. Not everyone can get in the top 10 on Google. Luckily that is not the only way to get users to our sites. I have come up with a list of different ways agents can drive traffic to their sites. I have put them in order of … Read More »

New: Facebook Social Plugins

by Michael LaPeter on 2:22 pm April 21, 2010

Exciting news! Fresh from today’s Facebook f8 conference in San Francisco, there’s a whole slew of new Facebook social plugins that you can easily incorporate into your site: All Facebook Social Plugins You can also read more about Facebook’s new direction here: The Next Evolution of the Facebook Platform Drew and Justin have recently written some great tips on using Facebook, and with their new social plugins it’s even easier to connect your site to the social graph. You can add the basic “like” button just … Read More »

How Are You Using Facebook Pages As Part of Your Real Estate Business?

by Drew Meyers on 4:50 pm March 19, 2010

I agree with Joel that Facebook is kind of a big deal and I wanted to get some feedback from the Geek Estate audience. It’s now a given you should have a Facebook strategy. For the agents and brokers reading this, how are you using Facebook Pages as part of your day to day business? Do you have it set up as a fan page for you as an individual, or as a community page (such as Brad Coy’s San Francisco Real Estate page or … Read More »

Use Linkedin and Facebook to Increase Conversions

by Ryan Hinricher on 6:09 pm January 31, 2010

As many social media experts, gurus, and ninjas try to “monetize” social media for their clients, others are focusing simply on the connection and interaction with clients.  Dare I say “engaging”?  Engagement used to be for when 2 people decided to get married, but today it has quickly become the reason you use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.  In fact, it might be the most overused word of 2009.  We all agree social media and engagement are here to stay though, at least … Read More »

Kiss Your "RSS" Good-bye!

by TheRECoach on 5:46 pm January 5, 2010

Kiss Your “RSS” Goodbye! Ok, so I’m hosting “The World’s Best IRL Meetup” for VREBC (Virtual REBarCamp) yesterday in Costa Mesa w/ The talented Ms. Stacey Harmon (and a Cameo appearance by Everyone’s Tech Guy, Loren Nason) when during a break in the action a fantastic, intuitive, spontaneous discussion breaks out! (that’s why we do the IRL Meetups for VREBC, so people can talk to other people, instead of “Vegetating” in front of their laptop in Jammies!, but I digress)…so anyway, Stacey answers the very … Read More »

Realtor on Realtor Action – Is the a waste of time?

by Geordie Romer on 4:00 am July 6, 2009

Have real estate agents missed the boat when it comes to using social media? At what point does it stop being work and just become a hobby? I do believe that social media marketing (SMM) has a place in the modern sales repertoire, but not at the cost of other more efficient programs. It seems to me that an agent would want to start with a decent base (likely a blog) and then build outposts that lead back to that base.  I think Seomoz’s Rand Fishkin … Read More »

3 Tech Savy Realtors Talking Tech – VIDEO

by Stephen Jagger on 8:28 am October 9, 2008

Last Tuesday we held the Vancouver Real Estate Technology Meetup at Ceilis Irish Pub. We ran it in a little different format this month. We had 3 tech savy Realtors on stage with me to have a question and answer period about the technology they use, their success and failures, their use of the web, thoughts on technologies like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Viddler, Blogging plus much more. Some of it is Vancouver specific, but a good portion of it applies to real estate agents … Read More »

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