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Building Database Relationships With Real Estate Technology

by Ryan Gullett on 12:52 pm March 28, 2017

For many real estate agents, using technology for relationship building is often overlooked or not prioritized correctly. Technology is best used to maximize your most profitable revenue stream first and foremost. Consequently, this will lead to trying other sources when appropriate for your marketing budget. What are these streams? Data from the National Association of Realtors, gives this data: Typically, you see over 60% of your lead sources are from contacts / referrals on the personal and business side. I was reading the articles posted on … Read More »

Real Estate Trademarks in Meta Tags

by Crystal Tost on 6:13 am October 3, 2012

MLS® and REALTOR® Trademarks in Meta Tags Google is certainly all the buzz talk in the SEO world these days and us Real Estate Agents are not immune to the unfortunate penalties and updates our beloved Google has bestowed on us.  With all the Penguin and Panda talk – and of course the penalties that Google has handed out in the last months – they have really shaken up rankings across the US and Canada. But now you have to wonder about Trademarks and how they affect … Read More »

Real Estate Marketing is Not a Single Strategy Industry

by Drew Meyers on 4:00 pm March 21, 2012

You can succeed by blogging 5 times per week. Or not. You can succeed by video blogging once per week. Or not. You can succeed by spending money on Zillow. Or not. You can succeed by syndicating your listings to all corners of the web. Or not. You can succeed without a website. Or not. You can succeed by tweeting 20 times per day. Or not. You can succeed by spending 5 hours a day on Q&A sites like Quora and Linkedin. Or not. You … Read More »

How to Get Started in Real Estate

by Seth Price on 3:41 am February 24, 2012

There are lot’s of things that I wish I knew before starting in real estate. What they don’t tell you about real estate is a presentation that came from hundreds of conversations that I have had with agents and brokers across the nation. Working in real estate is a multifaceted career. One part industry expert, one part marketer, one part sales person, one part negotiator, one part tech support and lots of hard work. The bad news is: there is no silver bullet. The good … Read More »

17 Ways to Protect your SEO During a Website Redesign

by Seth Price on 5:27 am February 17, 2012

Redesigning your website is no small endeavor. Most likely you’re redesigning it because it’s not as effective as it should be. When clients describe their existing websites to me, they are often embarrassed and don’t want me to look at their old site. It’s almost as if they’re happy no one visits it. While I hope this isn’t the case with your site, the fact is a lot of people are struggling to get their businesses noticed because of bad websites. Your real estate website … Read More »

How Agents Can Use Online Communities to Network

by John E. Miller on 10:31 pm January 16, 2012

For real estate agents, helping clients buy and sell homes is arguably more difficult than ever before. Competition is higher and tighter for a smaller number of clients who, understandably, fear the impact of a down real estate market and are reluctant to take the leap to owning a home or buying a new one. For these reasons, finding any leverage to use when building and growing a network is a must. Fortunately, the power of the Internet remains as strong as ever. In fact, … Read More »

Craigslist Real Estate Strategy: More Traffic & Leads

by Jeremy Linder on 4:49 pm November 17, 2011

craigslist marketing for real estate

In many markets the online classified site gets insane amounts of traffic. Many real estate agents have attempted to take advantage of this by repeatedly posting ineffective ads and conclude it’s not a reliable source of website traffic or lead generation for them. Heck, I was even one of these agents for most of 2010. You see I was posting ads nearly every day but the only responses I ever got were spam. How can that be? I was using professional looking HTML templates, … Read More »

The Most Important Lesson I Learned in Online Real Estate Marketing

by Joe Salcedo on 5:37 am October 24, 2011

Tom West, the central character in the Pulitzer Prize winning book “Soul of a New Machine” once said: “Not everything worth doing is worth doing well.” Back in the 70’s, Tom along with perhaps the finest company of computer engineers ever assembled sought to build Eclipse MV/8000. Under a blistering schedule and tremendous pressure a group of computer engineers needed to design and build a next generation computer. A running theme in the book is the tension between engineering quality and haste: the engineers, challenged … Read More »

What Do Alligators Eat? | Answer: The Misinformed

by Don Reedy on 6:25 am July 28, 2011

What do alligators eat?  And WHY, oh why would anyone who wants to embrace real estate technology care? Turns out, you see, alligators actually eat the misinformed.  Yep, what you don’t know about the alligator, or the alligator’s teeth, or the alligator’s friends….just might get you scratched up, bloodied or even eaten. So let’s have some fun learning about alligators, and more importantly, how to make sure you don’t look like bait to them.  Repeat after me:  “Link bait good….alligator bait bad.” Watch this short … Read More »

Can MLS Companies Level The Playing Field?

by Justin Britt on 3:22 am March 29, 2011

Realtors hold all the cards (MLS data), but are aggregators squeaking out the win? – photo credit Recently, a Hawaii MLS company (who asked to remain anonymous) audited Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers and informed me of a few RETS rules and regulations we were violating. The MLS technician assisting me (we’ll call him Kimo) was very helpful, clearly explaining the fixes needed. Once in compliance, my competitive nature had me checking to see if other Hawaii real estate websites were also following RETS rules and regulations. Some … Read More »

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